"Echoes and Evidences of Book of Mormon"

“Echoes and Evidences of the Book of Mormon” is a compelling book written by Parry that is being discussed in scholarly circles. Does anyone who has read the book have any thoughts about it. Thank you.

I haven’t read it. Does it explain how the alleged horses and elephants etc. that the BOM talks about, but weren’t actually there in the New World? I have yet to hear that one explained.

I have not read it, but I have ordered it. I will read it with an objective mind and report on it when I’m done. From what I’ve heard it’s very well done and should be very faith confirming for believing LDS. I have read many articles in the same vein and while they do point out many significant parallels with the world of the Old Testament that may have been unknowable in the world of Joseph Smith, I have not found the evidence at all compelling.

This is because when you take a large work like the Book of Mormon and compare EVERYTHING in it to all of the references in the ancient world it would be impossible to not have many parallels as a fact of random chance. It’s like the book the Bible Code. You can find all sorts of hidden prophesies in the Bible if you look for them. At first it seems incredible! But, the fact is it works with any reasonably large body of work. I’ve even heard that if you put all of the Beatles song lyrics in one volume you can get a prophesy predicting John Lennon’s death.

That said, and in all fairness, I will refrain from commenting further until I have studied this book. Who knows? It may convince me to re-examine the LDS faith. Truth is truth, evidence is evidence and I will follow it wherever it leads.

Tmaque, thanks for answering. I’ll look forward to your report on what you read. Thanks.

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