Echoterra (symphonic metal): All The Lies video

I know we have a surprising number of metal fans here at Catholic Answers. And we even have some power/prog/symphonic metal fans (e.g. Joe 5859, my metal doppelganger). I present this for my Catholic metal friends to enjoy.

Echoterra is a symphonic metal band out of St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. They are about to release their second album Land Of The Midnight Sun on October 17. These guys (and gal) are good friends of mine and I helped on the video shoot. Check it out!

Echoterra is:

Melissa Ferlaak on vocals (ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS)
Jonah W on keys and orchestration (PYRAMAZE, STRUCTURE OF INHUMANITY)
Yan Leviathan on guitars (AVIAN)
Adam Sagan on drums (ex-INTO ETERNITY)

I’d be interested to hear what you think :slight_smile:

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