Eckhart Tolle and his view of the world

I’ve been following the recent surge in popularity in the views of Eckhart Tolle and his writings, particularly his latest work A New Earth. Anyone care to begin a forum to discuss his views in contrast to Christianity and specifically Catholicism?

I like alot what Tolle writes about. Of course, much of it is simply old ideas newly presented. I see much of what he discusses as an opportunity to further delve into the practices of the Church.

Personally, Tolle scares the heck outta me. Back in the college days, I looked into Buddhism, Hinduism, Ram Dass (Baba Rum-Dum, we sometimes called him), Maharaj-Ji, Then I looked back at Christianity and, more specifically, my Catholic background, and found the Truth, the Way and the Life – not a truth, a way and a life – in the teachings of Christ grounded in the church.

I suggest reading the following brief article by Fr. Robert Barron. It succinctly summarizes what I think are the main problems with Tolle’s views. Most importantly, to me, is that Tolle discounts a personal God in favor of an impersonal – for lack of a better word – force, of which we are parts. Sorry, can’t buy it.

While Mr. Tolle would not see the importance of this, let me wish you all a blessed and joyous Easter!

Ive hear him speak. --very creepy voice! If Oprah is pushing the guy, you know that something is suspect.

I think however there is work to be accomplished when it comes to this new thought work of Tolle, Dyer etc… Ultimately, there is no core there and the tangible reality of the Church needs to be explained.

This may help:

All one has to do is google Madame Blavatsky (19th century Luciferian) & Eckhart Tolle to see that his “New Age” mumbo jumbo is nothing new and comes from the pits of Hell.

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