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I was cruising the net and found this website:

It seems to me they are a very conservative group and I came across in their 'New Mass" section an article called “Problems withe the New Mass” The link is:

Are they right with their claims? Let me here your opinions on this please.


I’d say compare the Traditional Latin Mass

to the Lutheran order of Mass

With the current order of the Catholic Mass

It’s sad in my opinion that the Lutheran “mass” contains more of the traditonal mass than the novus ordo does.


Hi Fox,

The site is obviously the work of a person who has dedicated his life to criticizing everything that has been done since the council. This attitude logically leads to schism as exemplified by the notorious Society of St. Piux X, which claims that the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid.

This being said, many Catholics like to attend what they call the “Latin” mass (a misnomer), which is the Mass of the 1962 missal, and, by the way, is not identical to the Mass that was approved by the Council of Trent. More power to them

The Pope says the Novus Ordo Mass in both Latin and other languages. Stick with the Pope. As someone said, “I’d rather be “wrong” witht the Pope than “right” with anyone else.”



For the who and the what see:

See Post #42


And here is an update on the above file relative to the webmaster of Ecclesia Militans - John Brindle:
Brickbats From An “Order of St. John” (OSJ) Director and a timely update on the file "Oh What A Web They Weave…"
I add: Early in the correspondence with John Brindle he threatened me with legal action through his daddy’s lawyers. It didn’t happen. It won’t happen. Truth is an absolute defense - at least, here in Australia!

Subsequently, the OSJ went through a fairly rough split (happens all the time with schismatics!). The current “Spiritual Director” is “Bishop” Anthony Charwick - a Thucite “Bishop”. Why the inverted comments? View the following file to see the Vatican’s attitude to the Thuc “Consecrations”:
Reply to Fr. Patrick Buckley a.k.a. Thucite Bishop Pat Buckley - Oddly, Pat Buckley’s website subsequently disappeared from the Internet.


Yes I was talking to my spiritual advisor and he says basically to ignore the tripe for they are really wrong and in schism, they are against the Holy See.

Good info thanks brother.


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