ecofriendly catholics

As Catholics, do we have a moral obliagtion to be enviromentally aware and work towards a greener planet?

Yes. We Have a moral obligation to express the greatest good, which includes looking after the environment in which we live so that we can better bring that good into actuality. If we poison the seas, kill all the trees, and bring many animals to extinction, what good can come of this except selfishness. How we look after our environment will reveal what’s in our hearts.

Yes and no.

The BS about the polar ice caps melting - requiring Obama’s Tax and Cap program - definately no.

Forcing consumers into the purchase of electric cars and solar homes, no.

Pushing up the cost of gas so that people are forced into electric and solar, no.

Forcing companies out of business if they fail to reengineer their fleets of vehicles from bio fuels, no.

Since the ‘green’ movement is really about population control, I’d say the terms contradict one another. You cannot be a Catholic and support abortion, euthanasia, and artificial contraception.

The rest is smoke and mirrors, pure stalinism, and about as far removed from true stewardship as possible.

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