École Biblique in Jerusalem


the history of the famous Bible School in Jerusalem the Ecole Biblique. Bible study. Ancient findings. Dead Sea Scrolls etc

The Dominican École biblique in Jerusalem was founded in 1890 as a Practical school for biblical studies. As a religious institution, it was conceived by Father Lagrange for the purpose of contributing to the scientific study of the “rediscovered” Holy Land and establishing a Catholic involvement in “Palestinology”—exegetic and scientific projects—through research and fieldwork via exploration, excavation, and photography.

Deeply concerned with the fate of the “France du Levant,” and eager to maintain her protectorate and presence there through many, mostly Catholic, institutions, France decided to institutionalize its archaeological explorations in the region, and after some decades and debates, both among the French and internationally, the École biblique et archéologique française was founded in 1920.

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