"Ecology of Man"

I was thinking of what Pope Benedict XVI said in his Christmas address concerning the part of gender and how mankind must be protected from it’s errors, etc. As many here on these forums probably already know, there was a large outcry from many homosexual activist groups even though homosexuality in of itself was not specifically mentioned. As I reflected, I remembered another Church document (whose name alas!, I can’t recall right now which DID concern homosexuality and the “spreading of its errors”. I thought and forgive me if this sounds ridiculous to many of you, but I think the only way homosexuality and “transgendered” conditions are only going to be erradicated is if you were to erradicate (sp?) humankind altogether. So, the way I see it, we are all stuck together this world since I am sure the Pope would not want to see the above happen, and no matter what any church teaches, this condition because it is so deep seated in many people will never go away. It has been around as long as humanity, and I am hoping for better pastoral care from the Church concerning these conditions. I pray for the Pope and wish him well and I’m glad I don’t have his job!!! - Tshawn

Well, no, mankind doesn’t have to be erradicated.

On a basic level evil exists in this world. Sinful nature exists. Be it homosexuality, lust, greed, etc. However, although these things might come to our minds from time to time; we don’t have to act them out. We can be greedy in our minds, but be generous in our actions. We just have to fight our temptation to sin.

If everyone in the world dropped what they were doing right now and had some sort of divine inspiration to Gods truth and His commands and immediately started to adhere to that philosophy. The world would in an instant begin to heal from the damage that sin has caused.

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