Economic Depression Looms

It is not aciddental that grain is too low in value to use for money, we learned how to over produce it. Similarly crude oil was then though of as waste while today it is valuable. These are examples of human development. We create nor distroy any water, air, etc… Society will continue to grow. The Middle East has never been better than today. We know how to replace oil it is simple cheaper to use the oil. Our future is bright. The US economic strength is in trouble but not the US society. To collapse society you would have to allow military strength to some of these crazy third world leader, who would then need to stop free trade and education. A decline in trade and education can bring on dark ages however that is extremely unlikely.

Thank you very much for the level-headed more positive response. There was gonna be a computer meltdown or something once the clock struck midnight 2000A.D. …It never happened.

The problem with our Country is-abortion.

If we repented and turned back to God-He would save us. From ourselves.

Blame whatever on whatever you want, but God will not bless our Country who does not defend life. We have been told this over and over by the Saints of our day-God has sent to us.

Father Corapi has videos on youtube:



I must admit that I never realised how much businesses of all sizes rely on credit to survive day by day…Did any of the banking bailouts have anything to do with alot of failed businesses not repaying loans ? Will we ever know the truth?

The Pope is releasing a new encylical on labor and the economy or something similar on 06-29-09. This is very important to listen to, if you ask me. The labor force of the world has been abused for profit’s sake. Business and the market have been using man instead of man using the market. Putting profit before the common good and dignity of man has caused the abuse of workers throughout the world. This leads to sins that cry out to heaven for justice or vengence. The economic system of our world trade is either gonna wake up now and truly listen to the pope,as opposed to the free traders taking advantage of people,or pay a very heavy price. What was a 1st wake up call on this issue…the WORLD TRADE centers. We must not have learned our lesson and here we are. We need some serious ethical overhauling in business and trade if you ask me. But you know opinions…everybody’s got one.

It’s the people who believe that our public debt load is sustainable that need the tinfoil hats.

Because of the warning, companies updated their computers and there were few problems. But lots of companies tested their software and found out it would not work when the century changed, and so fixed it in time. Many just replaced it because they couldn’t find someone who could still do FORTRAN programming.

If they wouldnt’ have been warned, they wouldn’t have looked. And there would have been a problem.

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