Economic downturn benefits China's service outsourcing

So…Obama fans…I’m guessing you are in favor of all the increased outsourcing under the Obama recovery. I think I would prefer a Romney recovery and some trade deals (Obama has done zero trade agreements).

Against the gloomy economy in Europe and the United States, China’s service outsourcing industry grew robustly in the fist seven months of 2012, a senior official said on Sept 25, one day ahead the forth China Sourcing Summit in Hangzhou.
In the first seven months, the contract value of China’s service outsourcing industry grew by 58.1 percent to hit $32 billion, said Jiang Yimao, director of the service outsourcing department of Commerce Ministry.
The implemented value of service outsourcing grew by 52.7 percent over a year ago to reach $23.2 billion, Jiang said.
“The economic downturn in Europe and the United States has not affected China’s outsourcing industry. On the contrary, it had a positive influence because companies in the West spared no efforts to cut their business costs by offshore outsourcing,” Jiang said.


Has Romney promised to do anything akin to ending (or curtailing) the practice of outsourcing? A prohibition on outsourcing doesn’t seem to be in alignment with his economic philosophy.

What would a Romney recovery look like?

A robust economy with trade agreements that improve our ability to sell our goods overseas and regulation changes that will make it easier for companies to do business here.

Romney believes in free trade. You don’t end outsourcing by legislating against it. You end it by improving your competitive advantage and trade agreements.

Businessmen understand that. Community organizers don’t.

I provided a link to the article showing that China’s outsourcing has increased during the Obama administration. That is a source.

Sorry. I didn’t see the link in your original post. That’s what Prodigal Son was asking about. The link appears to be missing for some reason.

Yes, sorry for any confusion. There is no link. That’s the source I was asking for.

Okay. Fair enough. But I have a question for you: Do you think that America can have a comparative advantage in labor-intensive goods against a country that has 4.5 times our population, hardly any worker-protection laws, and a currency that is pegged below the market value?


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