Economic growth will destroy everything. There’s no way of greening it – we need a new system



From the article’s lead-in:

“Everyone wants everything – how is that going to work?”

Just what we need: Another whining millennial. Lead by example, George! Become a caveman!

My stomach will not tolerate an entire such article in one sitting. Whadya bet his “new system” sounds suspiciously like a steam-cleaned and sanitized for your protection revision of a failed 20th century experiment?


Paleolithic living for everybody!


We need to build a world in which growth is unnecessary…

a few observations:

  1. the writer complains about certain things but never offers an intelligent path to this ‘new world’.
  2. generally when someone from the Left thinks in terms of ‘us building a new world’ the reality usually is that person dictating to others how to live.
  3. if some poor rice farmer in central Philippines is going to ever have a car and a laptop then there has to be economic growth. He is not going to get it any other way.



You no like ride bicycle to factory at 4am for 12 hour shift in order to get free food and housing? Is outrage!


Utopia on earth through socialism - the pipedream of every atheist who has zero faith in Heaven or the New Jerusalem.


I think many millennials are modern ‘cavemen’,
still living in the bowels of their parent’s house.


Oh, my God.

How I long and thirst as a deer for water for the “mancave” to go the way of the floppy disk and for “fathers study” to return.

One is glory for an immature beefcake, the other is glory for the elegant man of taste.


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