Economic woes chill effort to stop global warming

Looks like we may have a reprieve to further prove " Man-Made Global Warming" the fraud that it is:

Economic woes chill effort to stop global warming

WASHINGTON - Attempts to tackle global warming are being made more difficult by the spreading economic crisis even as Democratic congressional leaders say it’s still a top goal for next year.

At the very least, fear of a prolonged economic downturn is expected to delay attempts by the United States to cap greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate as well as both presidential candidates say addressing climate change by imposing mandatory restrictions on heat-trapping pollution — especially carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels — remains a priority.

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I am firmly convinced that many in the “Global Warming” cult know it is a fraud and they will soon be exposed as the charlatans that they are. Why do you think have they been so frantic in trying to get all these laws past. They know the real data is proving the case against them.

If there is going to be a worldwide slow-down/recession, don’t you think production of said greenhouse emmisions would also slow down? Kind of ironic.

It’s true. The slowdown will hit developing economies the worst, and they tend to produce more than their per capita share of greenhouse gases.

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