Economics of Protestantism


Is there an economic motive for Protestant ministers to misinform their membership about the Catholic Church or to teach against the Church or to even bash the Catholic Church?

I’m curious. What do you think? It’s always seemed to me that Protestant ministers drive better cars, have better housing, etc., than many priests (boy, I once saw a matching set of Dodge Vipers parked behind a Baptist Church on the S. Side of Chicago; with plates saying “Rev” and “Mrs. Rev” or something like that).

It would seem there might be some personal economic interest in keeping up theological splits.


The answer is no, with the further comment that this is a provocative and ill-informed question.


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Protestant ministers often do misinform their congregations about Catholic Church teaching.

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No doubt but it isn’t for economic reasons. In most cases it is because they’ve been misinformed themselves.




My guess is that you can stack up the property and assets of the Catholic Church in the USA against those of any other American Church and the Catholic Church would win hands down. So, does that make the Catholic Church greedy? No, of course not, and its the same answer for the OP.


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I cincur with you guys:thumbsup:


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