Ectopic pregnancies/STDs at birth and abortion

What’s Church teaching on the matters with reference to abortion.

Direct abortion is a grave evil.

This is common knowlege for Catholics ( or should be).

  1. A good end does not justify and evil means
  2. Treating an ectopic does not have to be done using abortion
  3. Abortion is always and everywhere an evil.

Regarding point 2, how are the baby and mom saved?

Regarding STDs, killing someone is generally not an appropriate way of curing them of a disease.

Regarding ectopic pregnancies, killing someone as the intended treatment for curing another is also immoral and inappropriate. That said, medical treatment that is otherwise intended to save the mother but that may have real risks for the child is allowed (so long as its truly the most appropriate medical action that doesn’t consider killing the child as the treatment. If there was a procedure that was less risky to the child but just as effective procedure available, then of course the less risky procedure should be preferred). If the child dies during the procedure, that is of course a cause for sadness, but that does not mean any immoral action was taken.

Once again. Semantics:D

An Fallopian tube with an ectopic pregnancy can be removed surgically. Even though the child dies, that is not the intent of the surgery, so it is morally acceptable. I am not sure what you are asking about “STDs at birth”? A pregnant woman with an STD can be tested and treated. It would certainly not be a reason for aborting the child.

Ya… The std question was stupid.


Some STDs aren’t curable like herpes or genital warts. They just go into remission, but once a person has them, he or she has them forever. If the baby is delivered vaginally, the child can pick up the STD and will likely die. So, any mother who has herpes or genital warts, or some other STDs should have a C-section. That will prevent the baby from picking up the STD.

No abortion necessary, just a C-section to be safe. Sometimes the viral-caused STDs are asymptomatic. If anyone has an oral cold sore, i.e. a herpes sore, no kissing the new baby till the sore is healed and gone!

Not really. Some STDs can’t be cured, so a C-section is necessary, but with an ectopic pregnancy, the only treatment is removal of the Fallopian tube.

From the National Catholic Bioethics Center:


Interesting. I didn’t know a tubal pregnancy would ever resolve on its own. I’ve known some people who had them and suffered terrible pain until they had surgery.

Good article. Thank you for the link.

You’re welcome.


Moral Theology
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the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The two main areas are logical semantics, concerned with matters such as sense and reference and presupposition and implication, and lexical semantics, concerned with the analysis of word meanings and relations between them.

That was interesting. Has any one heard of someone attempting to “replant” the baby into the womb after the tube is taken? They do it with elephants when the cow can’t manage the pregnancy, they move the embryo.
I think it might be workable, but there is no interest in saving a little baby.

That would be awesome!

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