Ecuador admits that it limited Julian Assange's web access


Wikileaks and people like Snowden used to disgust me. Then I started to realize people were ready to elect Hillary Clinton, a woman attempting to cut deals with the FBI on classification markings in her trove of unsecured emails, the same FBI who said "she’s guilty, but we won’t recommend prosecution, despite the internal recommendations of case workers who unanimously said she should be prosecuted, and I started to realize our leaders have no more moral fiber than Julian Assange. They just wield official power over the rest of us undesirable peons.

With the government we currently have and the President we do have and could have, how anyone could find Assange distasteful is beyond me. They are the same people.


You don’t think the Republican Party has just as much dirty laundry as the Democrats? Of course Rubio wants the Republicans to tone it down lest they be on the receiving end of the next cyber attack and all their dirty laundry come to light.




Assange isn’t Snowden. He isn’t a whistleblower. He isn’t sharing government secrets that impact citizens. He’s sharing campaign information in an attempt to influence a US election as a foreigner. He’s a computer hack who’s stolen private emails and shared them publicly. To champion his actions is to champion theft and disregard for privacy.


I,'m sorry, but this doesn’t change the content of the emails. You’re upset the DNC is exposed


Didn’t say Assange was Snowden.

Assagne is a whistle-blower. Definition of a whistle-blower “A person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.” Assagne is sharing information to show how corrupt politics is. That is a wonderful thing for the American people to know especially when these people are going to make the laws for our land but they don’t follow them themselves. You might not want to know about it but I want to know and I’m glad to see the way crooked politics work.

Besides the way I thought it was the Russians who hacked the emails not Assange? Make up your minds who did the hacking, next week maybe you’ll say it was someone else who hacked the emails.


When the best the Dems can do is trot out what appear to be false accusations against Trump from years ago, it can be reasonably doubted.


For myself, I have no respect at all for the “privacy” of people who conspire to destroy the Catholic Church, lie to and bribe the FBI. Such people have no right to “privacy” any more than any other criminals do.


Exactly! Criminals have no right to expect privacy during an investigation!


I like truth. I also like privacy. And most importantly, I dislike foreign agents trying to influence US elections. Again, what Assange is doing is theft of private content. I don’t want my private emails hacked and shared publicly. I doubt any of us do.

And then there’s the issue of national security as summarized here:


These are people who haven’t been imprisoned. Or even charged.


Really? How about the 3 pages of Trumps '95 tax return that were stolen?


I’m not sure I understand your question.


That’s what I thought. You’re upset when it happens to dems, but strangely silent when it comes to Trumps stolen tax return.


“I don’t understand” means explain to me what you mean. :shrug:


I agree but I think we have a right to know how dirty and politically corrupt these people are. They talk about political correctness and behind the doors they are hypocrites. Assange is not the one committing theft of private content, it’s whoever hacked it. I’m sure the Republicans are just as bad, but this is all we are seeing right now. The media is trying to influence the election on the other side of the coin, so it’s a little more even now.


Ok, Ill be charitable. 3 pages of Trump’s 95 tax return were stolen and a used to be respected newspaper published them. Do you think this was ok since it was Trump?






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