Ecuador: evangelical protest outside Catholic parish over veneration of images

*Eduardo Mora, an evangelical pastor, has led a sit-in protest against the veneration of images at the Church of San Francisco Church in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city.*Story at Catholic Culture

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The prottie pride parade marches in their ignorance again. Pray for these lost souls. They are trying to find God. Perhaps some day when they open their hearts they will find Him. This is why I left the man made heresy of protestantism. They do not worship God but their ecumenical community’s private interpretation of God (which is severely lacking given mortal kind’s limitations).

Wasn’t it American Evangelicals that largely sat out the 2012 Election thereby giving Pres. Obama the win?

I wonder if these protestors would have problems with people having pictures of loved ones/family members on their desks at work. What would happen if we proceeded to then phone those loved ones up and ask them to pray for us when we weren’t feeling well? In all fairness, I think that should also get a sit-in protest since it’s the exact same thing.

its very sad that they have this approach. I wish they would be more accepting and loving.

From the article…

**The Ecuadorian Federation of Evangelical Ministers also criticized Mora’s protest as “fanatical and bellicose.”


Why don’t these guys ever protest at Orthodox churches?

Sorry my Eastern brothers and sisters but I’ve seen your churches and they are bedazzlingly beautiful with icons. May God continue to bless you in your respect for His holiness and the majesty of His liturgy and churches. Or, as some of our Evangelical friends would say, in your idolatry. :wink:

Methinks Mr. Mora has a little too much time on is hands. Perhaps id he were to become more involved in Good Works…

I don’t know why anybody cares what others worship, as long as the worship doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. What is the harm in praying to statues, pictures, or physical objects?

Those evangelicals obviously have no sense of priority.Instead of protesting on more important and dangerous things to christianity as a whole like homosexual marriages and abortion they are wasting their time infront of catholic churches.Are they so blind?
Anyway they will have to account for it on judgement day to Christ.

You should never pray “to” the physical object. *CCC#2132 Religious worship is not directed to images in themselves, considered as mere things, but under their distinctive aspect as images leading us on to God incarnate. The movement toward the image does not terminate in it as image, but tends toward that whose image it is.*It is bad for the person’s soul, misunderstanding God’s relation to His children, and it can also be a cause of scandal for others.

I would just give pause in using condescending language. It’s okay to refute an ignorant reaction, though, but do correct in gentleness. :o

Perhaps we could focus on this?

Seems to me that this is good news for Catholics, and for ecumenical relations.

It is a good sign. In some sense, non-Catholic Christians who even consider Catholics Christians are ahead of many of their peers.

Who cares what they think. They have virtually none of the truth in their ecclesial communities.


(scratches head)
Veneration of images?
(frowns at screen)
Venerating painted plaster and carved wood?
Last time I looked I was offering my devotions to the Almighty and not to some artistic rendering made with the hands of man.
The “images” are beautifully made, yes, and they are prominent, and yes they do remind us of the historical figures they represent … but as much as I love Mother Mary, that’s not her, nor is that which she holds the actual Jesus … they are both cast or carved, painted, polished, smoothed, waxed, varnished …
On the other hand what do I know.
I’m just a poor dumb hillbilly.

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