Ecumenical Fellowship


To whomever may be interested:

I have come buy, at the direction of a friend who is Catholic and posts here (VZ71), to invite and announce a new ecumenical internet fellowship and forum community.It’s fairly young and still being expanded and modified to be more inclusive. It’s called Emmaus Way.

We have tried to have a section for every major and/or identifiable branch of Christianity. We have a section dedicated to Catholic and various Orthodox (or related) traditions, as well as all the various Protestant (and related) movements and traditions. We even have a section for the fringe groups and self proclaimed Christian groups and/or cults (we need to defend the gospel and help convert them from the error of their ways, right?).

I am also looking for people to help staff these forums as moderators – people who are foremost devoted in their walk and life to the Lord Jesus and His teaching, furthermore who are studious, respectful, articulate, able to communicate effectively via the internet/forums, and well versed in their tradition.

So please, come check us out and help us build a virtual fellowship of and for all believers across the spectrum of professing Christianity. Emmaus Way

To the staff here – I searched the rules upon registration and found nothing that prevented such an announcement or invitation. If I have broken a rule it was inadvertently and I ask for your forgiveness. I submit myself and this thread to your discretion.

In Christian love




I am open to suggestions and input, especially on the forum descriptives pertaining to the Catholic and Orthodox branches. :thumbsup:


Someone mentioned in the back fence that the links were not working. They are working for me. But just in case here’s the long version address (copy & paste if you like) …

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