Ecumenical or Non-denominational Bible Study

I have been participating in a so-called “non-denominational” Bible study group at my workplace. For a while now, I have been feeling uncomfortable in the group, although I have had several opportunities to clear up some misconceptions about Catholicism among this predominately Protestant group. (Although they claim it is a non-denominational group, it obviously is not since the leader is coming from her Protestant perspective.) I have made some very nice friends in the group, but I must admit I have been toying with the idea of dropping out. Do you think it’s a bad idea for a Catholic to participate in this type of Bible study?

[quote=Mimi G]Do you think it’s a bad idea for a Catholic to participate in this type of Bible study?

For a Catholic who is new to studying the Bible and doesn’t know much about his faith, it can be a bad idea. Such a person would be better served by finding a solid Catholic Bible study. But if you have a good working knowledge of the Bible and the Catholic approach to it, and if you have a good intellectual understanding of your Catholic faith and how Evangelical Protestantism differs from it, “non-denominational” Bible studies can be enriching and an opportunity to shatter misconceptions that Catholics don’t know their Bible.

Katherine Andes wrote an article titled “Bible Study Bridges,” on surviving and thriving in such a Bible study. It ran in the November 1992 issue of This Rock. You can obtain a copy of the article by calling Catholic Answers at 1-888-291-8000.

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