'Ecumenism of blood' should unite Christians, Pope says after meeting Orthodox Patriarch [CWN]

In an exchange with reporters on November 30, Pope Francis spoke optimistically about prospects for ecumenical progress with the Orthodox churches and said that he is prepared to meet with …


I think the Bible neglected to mention something important. “Onto us a child is born, and he shall be called Prince of…diologue”. The NT definitely forgot to push ecuminism.

Yeah, I used to be a pretty rabid, open-ended supporter of ecumenism. Thought it was re-uniting the Body of Christ. But I am coming to realize (rightly or wrongly) that it is OK to have differences with your fellow Christians. It is NOT the end of the world. It should not keep you up at night. We have far, far more that pulls us together than that pushes us apart. I am talking about most serious Christians. Of course every denomination (including Catholics) have what seems like an extreme fringe, those folks that actually do believe that everybody who doesn’t engage the Christian faith exactly as they do is going to hell…Again, I think most Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants have kind of let that vibe go, thank God. That to me is progress of a really beautiful kind - maybe we should celebrate it more? Rather than just staying wed to the UNITE THROUGH ECUMENISM campaign, which frankly I don’t think will ever achieve its goal, and could well re-ruffle some currently settled (or at least pacified) feathers here and there.

Maybe we should put this energy and desire into sharing our faith with the secular world?

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