Ecumenism with Lutherans


No one is required to do this no.

We believe in the resurrection so we do not believe the Dead are dead but alive in Christ in new glorified bodies so we can ask them to pray for us.

The Angels and Saints in heaven will pray for us no matter what but we can ask them to pray for specific causes as well just like I can ask you to do so as well.

Although I’m sure you have heard this all before.


You just wrote a lengthy paragraph on how you can’t possibly imagine considering saints as holy because only God is holy.

Your own words, not mine, show unnecessary anxiety about possibly offending God.

I grew up being taught the same line of reasoning – that since only God is holy, we can’t honor creatures. It’s a common protestant idea. I just happen to experience it first-hand.


Yes, they would be Protestants. (Somewhere in the above post, it was supposed to be replied/edited as “Every Protestant who rejects veneration of saints”)


But don’t you see the massive scandal and heresy this creates? I’ve come across ComplineSanFran before and they are all for same sex marriage, and in their post, they put up a picture of a joint service with those who believe in female ordination at least.

So as we can blatantly see, with such people we are not close at all, with Orthodox like yourself perhaps, but then who knows who is who?

These joint services for Luther’s 500th anniversary are just wrong on so many levels.

God Bless You

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@JonNC And with those orthodox like yourself, I would love for the Catholic Church to reach out and help you make that final step whatever it may be for you to come home to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, but in order to do that, one must let Luther go because he never came home.

And I don’t want those like ComplineSanFran who believes in same sex marriage and I guess female ordination as pictured above, to be piggy backing off of this as they do with this deceptive joint services for the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther. Since we already have enough trouble with self professing ‘Catholics’ who have fallen for such heresies. For ComplineSanFran to come home, they need to not only let Luther go, but also the heresies they hold like same sex marriage and female ordination (and I really hope they do) but having not done that and claiming unity, is a total lie.

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As in, every Lutheran Church that is not ELCA. Unfortunately, they’ve got the numbers, so they get the press. As an LCMS member, the idea of SS Marriage and female ordination is repellent. " Heretical" isn’t the word, but " apostate" probably is.


This is so very Christian! We can’t agree on the nature of salvation or the real presence, but we can all agree to hate gays!


Thank you for being an example of falsely using the word “hate”.


Let us pray instead that all Christians may be united in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in faith, hope and love.

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Oh, I’m sorry, I should have used the word salad that is “love the sinner, hate the sin!” I’m sure it makes the LGBTQ community feel so loved when someone declares that they’re souls are in mortal danger and wants to see laws re-enacted to shove them back in the closet lest they poison society.

I’ve actually been lurking on this site, even in its old version, for quite a while, and while many hear seem sincere and do try to create a partition between homosexuals and their acts, there are no lack of people here that no matter how much they try to equivocate, clearly dislike homosexuals a great deal. And yes, a few that I can only say outright hate gay people.


They dislike the radical homosexual lobby that wants to redefine marriage and force everyone to go along with same-sex “marriage” (and now, transgender ideology).

It’s the radical agenda they dislike, not the homosexual person, per se.

(And I’m gay myself. Although some people take offense at the term “gay”.)


All the more proof why this revolution on marriage and the family must not succeed, because saying that sodomy is wrong and that marriage is between a man and woman (something which has always been common sense even for atheists given our anatomy and reproductive system) you thought was hate speech, and why would a society tolerate hate speech? hence inevitably leading to our persecution.

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Gays were perfectly fine before gay “marriage”. Could’ve opted for civil union. But they went for marriage. And the radicals want everyone else to go along with their delusional redefinition of family and gender.


Well, perhaps if fine upstanding Christians hadn’t abused their dominant position, both legally and, how shall we put it, extralegally, there might not have been this “radical” position, but now there is, and it’s not going anywhere. There isn’t going to any reimposition of Ye Olden Standards, and frankly, if you feel there is blame to be laid, lay it at your fellow believers’ feet. There has been precious little charity shown to your average homosexual, though one will note that throughout Christendom for centuries those of wealth, privilege and blood who had SSA were quite free to act upon their sexual orientation with little fear.


In many jurisdictions, even in the US, even “civil union” wasn’t available to gay people. Again, as I said a moment ago, perhaps if society had been more charitable all along, there wouldn’t have been any great desire to label these “civil unions” marriage, but seeing as in many jurisdictions same sex partners didn’t even enjoy that, well, I guess you can see why they decided to go for broke.

And really, at the end of the day, even where “civil unions” were permitted, they were basically a form of common law marriage, so how is it that calling a civil union a “marriage” makes it worse? After all, there are plenty of heterosexual marriages that some churches don’t recognize. Should we ban anything you don’t believe as marriage from being called married? Should non-Catholic divorcees or Catholic divorcees who haven’t received an annulment, should laws be enacted to prevent those unions from being called marriages?


Are you good with this confession that the priest and assistant make prior to mass?

**I confess to God Almighty, to Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, to all the Saints, and to thee, father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed, by my fault, by my own fault, by my own most grievous fault. Wherefore I beg blessed Mary Ever-Virgin, blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John the Baptist, the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, all the Saints, and thee, father, to pray for me to the Lord our God.


Here’s a tip. Most people, even most Catholics, use parts of their anatomy in sexual ways that don’t lead to reproduction. And how are you going make it fail? Amend constitutions? Forbid gays from voting? Forbid them from going to court?

You’ve already lost. How about instead of wasting your effort on that which you have no hope of winning, you instead redirect your energies towards your own betterment.


If a Protestant prays that, then they would not be a “Protestant who rejects veneration of saints” (such as evangelical Christians who do not invoke the intercession of saints).


Yes to both questions.


Homosexual “marriage” tries to mimic marriage. But regardless of what national law says, natural law (which the radicals, again, are trying to redefine by saying gender/sex are irrelevant and depends on one’s perception and whim) and the biological fact that only a man and a woman can procreate say otherwise.

The foundation of society is stable family. A family and the next generation can only be formed by reproduction. By a man and a woman.

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