I was unaware that non-Trinitarian baptisms were being done by anyone with the title of Christian: (Goes to show there’s apparently a great deal I don’t know)… :confused:

"Trinitarian Baptism

Interestingly enough the Antiochian Orthodox Church has listed ECUSA as a church in which valid baptisms may be questioned. Here is the exact wording regarding the subject:

The following churches traditionally affirm the dogma of the Holy Trinity and baptize in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, but have clergy who may feel free to ignore the traditional formula and baptize in the name of something else. Pastors will need to be careful to be sure that converts from these groups [one of which is ECUSA] have been baptized properly proceeding.

The reason for this is because some liberal ECUSA priests and “priestesses” are “baptizing” in the name of “the Creater, Redeemer, and Sanctifier” so as to avoid male pronouns…"


The intent remains Trinitarian–usually–though the shift to ‘gender neutrality’ is both un-Biblical and appalling. ‘Traditionalist’ Anglicans wouldn’t tolerate it.:tsktsk: I’d heard this before. Also think I recollect rumors of some downright Pagan formulae, involving Goddesses and the like.:banghead: :crying: We live in interesting times. We must’ve all ticked off a gypsy somewhere . . . . .:ehh:


[quote=flameburns623]. We must’ve all ticked off a gypsy somewhere . . . . .:ehh:

I suspect we may presently be ticking off a Deity when you read some of this stuff…

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