Ed Schultz, 64, former MSNBC pundit, dies


Schultz was an unabashed liberal although I don’t think he was always such. He was also a proud gun owner and hunter although he was in favor of gun-control legislation. He had his ups and downs as a news commentator but I liked him and agreed with many of his political positions. Some of you may not have, but please say a prayer for him.

Do I need an attachment for this?


Meltzerboy, we are supposed to have a link to a new article, so I have provided it below. I will say a prayer for him.



Rest In Peace.

But I honestly lost any respect for him once he went to work for Russian Times.


I don’t remember him. But 64 is still so young. I’ll keep in my prayers.


Thank you for the link and the prayer.


i remember Ed Schultz well. when he was on MSNBC, i might have watched a few minutes of The Ed Show. i didn’t know he had gone to RT.
64 is young now that i am 66 1/2.

my prayers are for his family.
may he rest in peace.


He was a conservative turned liberal which is, I think everyone will admit, fairly unusual. I was surprised to see he had died. He was young.


I don’t know who he was so definitely I can say a honest prayer for him.
May God forgive him.


May he rest in peace. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.


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