Eddie Hodges, Child Actor/Entertainer of Yore

Although his name is somewhat obscure now, in his heyday (50s/60s) Eddie Hodges had been one of the most prominent child actors and entertainers. He had been the original Winthrop Paroo in the Broadway musical *The Music Man *and then went on to appear in several movies and make guest appearances on many television shows. He appeared with many huge names in the entertainment field and even co-sang the hit song “High Hopes” with Frank Sinatra in the movie where it had been introduced. He also had four pop songs which made the Billboard 100, with “I’m Gonna Knock on your Door” reaching number twelve.

If anyone here in your fiftes or older remembers Mr. Hodges and wondered whatever happened to him after his childhood/teen entertainment days were over, I wrote an article regarding him. Why I would have done this is explained within it. I’m hardly a “celebrity hound,” though I have had brief email correspondences with several once prominent people in various fields. I guess one could say that I have an electronic autograph book.

Mr. Hodges read my article concerning his life and career and had been kind enough to contact me. We corresponded for several months, not all that long ago. He reminisced about his entertainment days and some of the illustrious people he appeared with, and was even kind enough to email me a personal photograph of Robert Preston and himself clowning around in the dressing room before a performance of TMM.

Although I’m not at liberty to reveal anything he wrote or to give out his email address, he is doing well at age sixty-one now. I found him to be an extremely intelligent and courteous man, an actual credit to his former profession. I bet he had been a classy kid as well, by no means a Hollywood brat.

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