EDIT: How should I answer my father?


I spoke with my Father and he told me this:

I AM condemned to be a smoker FOR LIFE.

If it gets worse from here which it has already then I am facing more suffering under God which will please those who are under his rule.

As long as this keeps and my faith DOES stad strong until my untimely passing THEN I will be received by Jesus into the arms of Angels and accepting being given into Heaven as one of God's forebearing children of SACRIFICE.

until this day comes on it's own my longlitudinal forecast is to continue, persist, be VERY friendly, PRAY, and keep hope inside what is to become my soul bearing witnesses to life.

For this I commit myself to always being there for anyone who I within range to give hope to until the end as my last words had been given to god's witness to prove my unfathomable sins to which I am yet to pass physically onto the next world.

Don't stray from the path, keep the faith (strong) and always have faith in thy (fellow) mankind forever and ever, AMEN.




After writing this post I wasn't tired to go to sleep so I went for a drive. I found myself parked where all my passed troubled beginnings had been conceived. I had just fueled up my car and bought a box of energy drinks and could have gone to the beach, but I stayed and thought then prayed. I watched as the trains passed and as the stars above drifted across the clear night sky. Suddenly I felt an instability take over and I had to sit down. I remember feeling very weak and could not make it back to my car. It really felt like something that stregthened me had left me for that moment and after that I slept for 3 days.

I have only awoken now as I write this post


What do you mean exactly that you are condemned to be a smoker for life??


I was always faithful and went out of my way every single day to be a good person, then came a time in my life where everyone and everything had slipped away and I couldn't control it and now I live with that regret and I can't make myself feel better.


I am sorry I still don’t understand OP, did your father state this as his belief? When? in what context? If he is a smoker and has resolved to keep it up, prepare yourself and learn all you can about COPD and smoking related cancers, and make sure his affairs are in order. Pray for your strength to support him in whatever he encounters in life–and dying–as a result of smoking. Having first cared for, then buried 2 parents who suffered agony, and put their family through months of agony, from smoking related cancers, I can relate.


I don't understand you post very well, but please, please, please quit smoking.

No one is condemned to be anything, in my opinion, it's a matter of choice.

As someone who has struggled with addictions before, I know it may seem hopeless, but if one person can do it, another one can as well.


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