EDIT: Sacraments: Questions about baptism

I’m a new teacher and my parish is new too.

  • The sacrament of initiation for children (baptism) – Can you help me out just - give two practical examples of catechesis using the principles described by the NDC

Thanks and Godbless

are you teaching a class for parents and godparents of infants and children who will be baptized, preparing school age children for baptism and the other sacraments through RCIA, or teaching the topic of sacraments in CCD/RE as part of the regular curriculum?

the RE textbooks usually introduce the sacraments in the context of our fall from grace, the need for redemption, Christ’s saving action, and our need to participate in the grace of the sacraments as the means he established for our salvation.

Go to your diocesan office of catechetics and get the curriculum for the age group you are teaching. That is the best starting point, and they can point you to free and on-line resources.

my advice covers at least two of the principles; the goal of all catechesis is to lead the learner to Christ, so presentations should be made in the context of the life and Mission of Christ, and you should know your audience, their needs, and speak to them.

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