EDITED: A question regarding visiting Mass for the first time

My mother will be visiting the parish that I attend tomorrow and she was wondering 2 things:

  1. What will she expect and how similar is it to her current church (Lutheran)?



  1. (Don’t know, never been to a Lutheran service.)


  1. I’m not sure how similar it is to her Lutheran church as I have never attended one.

She will be used to communion offered every week so no different in that regard. If she is ELCA she may be expecting “open communion” (offered to basically everyone) which of course we do not have. The overall structure of Mass from her service won’t be too different. We don’t have the order of Mass / service in a bulletin distributed in advance (but have a missalette instead).

I was raised Lutheran and am Catholic now.

To make your mom comfortable, you could jot down a little “program” for when to sit/stand/kneel in your parish, and remind her that when we say the “Our Father” we pause after we say “deliver us from evil.” Also, remind her that she should not take communion in the Catholic church.

I think those are the big differences that a Lutheran needs to know to feel comfortable in mass. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself blushing because I stood/knelt/sat at the wrong time or said “for thine–” when everyone else waited for the priest to talk. (And later, when I found out that I was wrong to take confession, I felt bad for unknowingly dishonoring that particular Catholic belief.)

A friend of my is a Luthern Pastor and he has described their “service” to me. If fact, I showed him a copy of the OF Missal. He told me it was VERY similar. (a few exceptions as mentioned above)

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