EDITED: How much does a confirmation sponsor still have to do with his sponsee?


A close friend of mine is a confirmation sponsor and his sponsee and the sponsee's family are really angry at him and yelling and swearing at him whenever he tries to talk to them because he took the opposite side in a argument instead of theirs. The sponsee and the sponsee's family is nominally Catholic and very immoral too.

How much does he (the confirmation sponsor) still have to do with his sponsee to not sin? Does he have to try harder to amend with the immoral sponsee to not sin? He is not his baptismal sponsor. Just confirmation.


Give the angry people space and pray that they calm down.


I know this reaction all too well. He should find his arguments in a catechism, mark a few pages, and humbly present them to confirmandi-to-be...of course, AFTER everyone calms down..

Don't be personal, be detached: "I'm sorry but I thought the same as you until I found this passage..." Refer them to a good priest. In short, don't let them shoot the messenger.


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