EDITED: How to properly thank a priest?

I had been out of church for a long time feeling unwelcome at the church I previously attended and put off by the priest…I attended a funeral mass for a friend and liked the priest, sent him an email without being one of his parishenors and he has made me feel welcome in church and has been there for questions I have. I want to thank him for being so helpful and caring because I hadn’t ever seen this in a priest before, how can I thank him appropriately?

a card or email expressing your appreciation, just the way you say it here, would really brighten his day.

Walk up to him after Mass when he is greeting everyone and tell him what you said above.

A hand written note and a handshake. Keep it simple.

Oh, how rude of me! Welcome back!!! I should have written that in the first place.

Welcome back - since you have been communicating with him by email - there is a great website of free Catholic greeting cards - maybe one of these with the sentiments you shared above would do the job and be most heart felt. God bless-

Free Catholic Online Greetings

Welcome back!


lol. really


A sincere thank you is best. If you want to build a friendship with this priest maybe invite him to lunch or home for dinner and to meet the rest of your family…if you have one.

Yes. Really.

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