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I’m a Biology teacher and I want to show the movie from 1995 called ‘Outbreak.’ It’s a movie that shows the effect of viruses and epidemics and such… it’s a creative teaching technique I want to use.

However, it’s rated R, and, though I’ve never seen the original, un-edited version, I don’t want to show a rated R movie in school (even with sending home a letter to parents).

My question: does anyone know where I can get a copy of the edited for TV version of this movie?



Edited for TV versions of a movie are not available to the public.

Find something else to show your kids or come up with a different lesson plan.


Look and see if you can get a copy of the History’s Mysteries series epidsode on Smallpox. HM is on the history channel.

My micro prof showed this to us… wow. And nothing controversial in it. It really stuck with me, though. I would love to see it again.

I found a link to it from Amazon:


I just noticed at that link I put in my last post- if you look down there is a section headed “What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?”

There are a ton of videos there on outbreaks- the plague, typhoid fever, small pox… they all look good.


There might be some political stuff in a hollywood movie like “Outbreak” that would detract from the lesson you are trying to teach.


The edited movie companies have gone out of business. However, there is a liquidator in Canada that is selling off the excess inventory of edited movie companies that have shutdown. You could try Edited Movie Liquidators of Canada Don’t know if they’ll have what your looking for though.


I went to those guys in Canada that Jessica2000 suggested and the funny thing is that I can’t find anyway to contact them. No email, phone, not even a physical address. No way of knowing if they’re even who they say they are. Plus, they openly claim to sell bootleg copies of movies. This seems like a big scam to me. Watch out!


Thanks so much for informing people about this site. I had been searching everywhere for the past couple months to find a place where I could get edited movies. I had come across this forum about a month ago and went to Edited Movies of Canada just like you suggested.

I placed an order on March 4, 2008 and received it in the mail about 10 days later (although their website says it takes 2-3 weeks). The quality of the edits was amazing! The DVDs they sent show that they came from Flicks Club and Family Edited DVDs (both out of business now).

When going to Family Edited DVDs website, it shows that they now have a book you can get that shows you how to edit your own movies. I have a lot of PG and PG-13 movies. I may consider learning how to do it, if only for my children’s sake.


But it is legal to tape a movie that is shown on TV.

There is also a movie rental site, Cleanflix that will works like Netflix but edits the movies to removes objectionable material.


That website only rents mostly “old classics” and G-rated movies. They do not do any editing, as their website states: “Our movies are no longer edited.”


For edited movies, you could get a ClearPlay dvd player and subscribe to their filter service. You download filters for movies you want to watch and can set the level of filtering for different content. The filters are perfectly legal because they leave the movie intact; they just skip certain parts of the sound track or specific scenes during playback.

I don’t have one yet, but hear nothing but good reviews from those who have used it.


Check out www.clearplay.com and call me for a deal
888-303-00771 ex 832


There is also this new site (PCNoEvil.com), where, for now, it is free to try out their movie filters on your PC. It is free because they are still in their testing phase. They edit out all of the crude or bad language, nudity, etc. I hope this helps!


I know that a hollywood movie may hold their attention better than some other movies, but I don’t believe that movie is too correct in their biology. Rather than just have the kids thinking you are showing a fun movie that is only vaguely related to the subject matter, I’d go with one of the documenatry types that Kristacelia reccommended. My kids occassionaly watch movie in school and despiet what the teacher says, they usually see it as fun time (and my kids are straight-arrow, studious types).


There are outfits that sell edited movies, but they’re a violation of copyright and a violation of the original art. I would never, ever buy anything from them. Try showing a similarly themed movie with a better rating, like The Andromeda Strain.


I don’t know what your lesson plan but I wanted to point something out about that movie. I work in two labs; I work in a clinical laboratory in a hospital and I also work in a research lab. There are things and practices in that movie that are very very Hollywood and do not happen in real life. There are lab practices they show in that movie that would shut a lab down if things like that really happened. I will be glad to be more specific if you want.


Why not show the movie Andromeda Strain? It’s awesome, all about the outbreak of a virus (it’s contained). It was written by Michael Crichton (God rest his soul), a real doctor, so it’s pretty accurate, although fanciful. And I can’t remember anything in it that parents would object to. I saw it when I was a teenager and really liked it.

My husband seconds this suggestion.

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