Edited: On average, what's normal?

Sorry, the poll didn’t print my whole question:

On average during the month how often do you and your spouse have sex during the month? (Not allowing for fertile time since some people may abstain)

The world has such a warped view of things, I’d really like to know what “normal” is, so How often do you have sex during the month?

Since I had the option for multiple choice, I thought I’d also ask about desire, and length of marriage, just to give a little extra helpful information. Hope this poll is helpful to you, I know it will be to me!

What are you talking about?

This post is rather vague, IMO. Are you talking about family life? Parenting? I think you need to be more specific.

For OUR family, “normal” is:

…spending a few hundred dollars at a week on figure skating.

…getting up at 4:30 in the morning to get to the skating rink to practice.

…continuing to work on figure skating tests well after high school.

…studying videos of other skaters and teams and analyzing the programs to see how we can make our own programs better, stronger, faster, and more likely to WIN Gold.

…putting in hundreds of volunteer hours on various figure skating projects in our city.

…driving 12 hours to get to a skating competition to watch a skater or a team skate a 3 minute program

…staying in hotels and spending most of the stay down in the hotel restaurant or lobby discussing figure skating with all the other competitors and families.

…writing novels about figure skating.

…decorating our home with hundreds of figure skating figurines and souvenirs during the figure skating season (January through March).

…longing for the day when synchronized skating will be granted Olympic status, and hoping that day comes before we die!

…spending just as much time on figure skating online forums as on CAF!

Back when my husband and I were first married, young, thin, healthy, beautiful, pain-free, and using ABC with no qualms of conscience (we were Protestant), we only had sex 1-4 times a month, usually closer to once a month rather than 4 times a month. And we usually had to plan for it and set up a “sex date” to be able to fit it in.

Even after my husband had a vasectomy, we only had sex a few times a month, and often, only once a month.

This was the case until our children grew up and left home, and we became infertile through menopause. Then everything heated up, but not that much. Our “record” is 15 times in one month. (After the kids left home, I had ankle surgery and was home for four months, and that gave us lots more time and no outside commitments.)

But then everything leveled off, and for several years, we have been doin’ it about 1-4 times a month.

We always wished for more sex, but never had the time back when we were younger. Our children kept us so busy that often we wanted sleep more than sex. This was especially true for me, but even my husband, a very typical man with a typical man’s sexual appetite, was often willing to forego sex in favor of sleep!

So I have a really hard time understanding so many threads in which couples are berating NFP and wishing they could have sex every other day instead of only five or ten days a month. How do they have the time or energy for so much sex!?! :confused: We sure didn’t.

I think “normal” depends on what the couple decides together. Some couples are happy with the “norm”, like once or twice a week. Others are happy with more frequent physical moments together with three, four, five + times a week. And then there are others whose “norm” is once or twice a month. Etc. Etc. So, I really don’t think one can put a number on what normal is.

NFP issues aside, I know there are people who will forgo sleep for sexual intimacy and will somehow summon the energy… both men and women. I currently have a two-week old little guy and a two-year-old in the house. If I didn’t have a c-section and was not allowed physical intimacy for 6 weeks, I’d be ready to go at least every other day even though I am getting very little sleep at night at the moment. :blush: I was like this after my first child as well and even more so while I was pregnant up until the very end.

Again, though, I don’t believe there is a “normal” set to fit every couple. What is normal for my husband and I should not be used as a standard norm for other couples.

Normal for me: maybe once a week. Not because I desire it, but because I know that it’s the minimum hubby can deal with. :o

Normal for hubby: Once a day, at least.

We will be married 23 years soon. His sexual appetite has not changed. Mine has come and gone. We contracepted for years. It made things easier in some ways but worse in others. I’m no longer fertile but also a LOT less interested in sex. Chemically, the hormones are just not there. Mentally, I find lust to be really off-putting. And spiritually, I feel guilty that so much of my life has been wasted with lust masquerading as true intimacy.

Also, for years, we did whatever we wanted to and I never thought about it being a sin. I’ve had to talk about that and we had to alter our sexual practices accordingly which has been EXTREMELY uncomfortable and shame-filled.


What did you do (if you can mention it on a public forum) to move away from lust and move toward true intimacy?

:frowning: Your whole post made me very sad. Have you thought about talking to a doctor and/or a therapist? It is very sad to not want your husband, especially since after 23 years he’s still hot for you.

Also, you say that you don’t want him because lust is off-putting mentally. There is a world of difference between sexually desiring your husband and lust.

Well, I can say first of all, that since I was sexually active since age 15, and my first exposure to porn by age 11 or 12 - I knew nothing about chastity whatsoever. I wanted love and traded sex for what I thought might be love. Except the people that I shared my body with DIDN’T love me and I knew that on a fairly conscious level. I just couldn’t see any other way to be. I was on my own at age 18 with no sexual education from my father. My sister got me on birth control at age 15 (which was illegal at the time, I had to pretend to be 18!). I used to cut school to go to my “boyfriend’s” house to service him. Was that love? We never went anywhere, he never asked me out. Why would he need to?

(I had not been to church since the age of 10 when my mother died. My convert father never went back and that was the end of any religious instruction as well. I never thought of myself as Catholic the whole time I was growing up.)

So fast forward about 6 years…a few relationships later…This was the 1980’s if that gives you any perspective. Let’s say the way I was living was not uncommon at the time, at least not for secular young people.

I masturbated and fantasized extensively. I didn’t think there was anything particularly wrong with that, at the time. Now I understand the ramifications of that, and the early exposure to porn. It’s been hard to stop, especially the fantasizing. I’ve made progress lately, simply staying present and not watching a movie in my head.

I don’t know how it is with my husband, but I feel as though his approach to sex is more lust than intimacy. He doesn’t understand my perspective at all. Not at all.

I am kind of confused myself but I am confused the other way around. How hard is it to have sex? Why is it something that some feel the need to schedule once a month like a chore? An hour? 5 minutes? anybody can make the effort. We go to the gym, store, watch tv but cant find time for sex? I’ve never understood that. Kids waiting in the car, on way to Mass, 5 minute quickie? easy as pie.
But again I understand everyone is different. We average about every other day but I could go for everyday. I think most of it is just having schedules sync up. But let me tell you it is worth it to be a little late for work because you made breakfast and whoopie.
Anyway, I hope that isnt too risque.

Wow, that is a powerful story. Thanks for sharing. It gives me pause and makes me look at this a little differently.


It is so important to make time. I never understood the “don’t have time” thing either.

There’s a lot more but I can’t really say everything on a public forum.


That’s just the basics. If I live to be 150, I will be working on freeing myself from guilt and shame until the day I die.

Why are you interested in knowing how frequently I have sex with my husband?


Yeah, this has been a problem for us, and it sounds like we’re about the same age/ length of marriage. I am going to work up the nerve to talk to my husband about this, because sometimes I don’t feel like he’s really “there.” I gave up having a climax because I can’t without fantasizing, but I’d rather be present even if it doesn’t lead to that.

I don’t know whether he would be able to climax without it either, and I know he wouldn’t be willing to give it up because to him that is the point of sex.

Yes. It’s like, “Who am I really having sex with? My husband, or whatever fantasy I’m entertaining?” And I wonder if he is the same. We don’t talk about fantasies, so I don’t really know what is going on in his head, but I think I can tell, sometimes. There is a sort of distance there, hard to explain but I take it you know what I mean. Like we are just stand-ins for the real actors in our heads.

I wish I knew what truly “holy sex” could be like. I’m sure I will never know. All of that was ruined very early in my life. At least I’ve stopped the impurity and am stopping the fantasy life.


I am not sure if you are really going to get an idea of what normal is. Also one thing to consider is that what is normal for a couple may not really be what is ideal for their marriage. I mean look already at how many votes say they wish they could have more sex. So many of these poll results are just going to be what couples have learned to live with. Personally for me and my husband we are abstaining 100% so I voted I wish Icould have more sex haha :frowning: Averaging once every two years isn;t enough.

I voted 1-4 and 4-5, because we’re probably about 4.5 times a month, so I couldn’t pick. To me, this is wayyyyy too low. However, my wife just doesn’t have the same drive, she never has.

Even though we’re not using NFP, there’s still entire weeks which go “off limits,” due to PMS/stress/etc/etc. It’s just way too little for me, as a stereotypical guy in his 20’s.

But I respect that she just doesn’t have the drive so I try to never whine or complain about it.

I think that this is one of those things that many (not all) women just “don’t get” about men. So many of us could have sex every day, or every other day at the very least.

I voted 13-16 times and wishing to have more. My husband and I do it about every other day (though sometimes, like last weekend, we get in five times in three days! :smiley: ), and I would like to do it even more often than that. But we have six children, including one only a year old, so we are often busy or tired.

We have been married 15 years, and the sex is better now than it was when we first got married. Practice makes perfect, you know. :thumbsup:

Five minutes? Five minutes?! You’ve got to be kidding!

Not sure if you’re the husband or the wife.

Did you know that it takes most women at least 15 minutes of foreplay to get to a place where their body is capable of having an orgasm?

Plus there’s the cleanup. I’m sure I’m not the only woman who prefers to clean up after lovemaking, and if possible, wash up. Sex is messy, and I would not want to go straight to work or anywhere in public without cleaning up first.

Of course there are exceptions, and you may an exception or be married to an exception–a woman who is always ready at a moment’s notice, and who isn’t messy after sex. But most women are not like that.

Yes, at certain times of the month, mainly during ovulation, a woman can be ready and rarin’ to go in a few minutes. (At ovulation, sex is even messier for women.) But most of the rest of the month, a woman’s body needs time to get ready. Five minutes would be painful for most women, unless they use a lot of artificial lubricant.

And a woman’s MIND often needs even longer than 15 minutes of preparation. Most women have a difficult time shutting out the rest of the world and concentrating on lovemaking, while for men, it’s just the opposite–they can think about sex anytime, anywhere.

I can’t imagine making love knowing that the clock is ticking and my supervisor will probably be angry or annoyed with me for clocking in late and keeping my co-workers waiting. I would not even be able to concentrate on the sex for worrying about my job.

One of the best pieces of advice that I ever learned when I was a young woman is that a man should start the love-making process at the very beginning of the day, continue it throughout the day with phone call, loving notes, lunch dates, etc, intensify it when he comes home from work by helping with chores (especially with child care duties), bringing flowers or some other little gift. And then when it is actually time for the sex to start, his wife will probably be a lot more likely to be ready, or at least be willing to try to get ready.

BTW, when we were young and had young children, we didn’t go to the gym, and we didn’t watch a lot of TV other than children’s shows. If we were watching a grown-up show, chances are good that we really wanted to see that show, not have sex! And remember, back in the early 1980s, VCRs were not standard in most homes; back then, we knew one person who had. Perhaps nowadays, it’s easier for a couple to tape or TiVo a show that they really want to see, and use that time for love-making, and then watch their show at a more convenient time; eg., the weekend.

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