EDITED: Pope Francis as Cardinal had Jewish Religious ceremonies celebrated in Catholic Churches and in the Cathedral?

I dont understand why. Why did they celebrate Jewish Rites in Catholic Churches and in the Cathedral? I have another question were Catholic Masses also said in Synagogues in response?
Thank you

Charity. It is an annual gathering of Catholics, Jews and Protestants called Kristallnacht, that commemorates the Nazi-led mob violence of 1938. Then about 1,000 Jewish synagogues were burned and thousands of Jews were forced into concentration camps. It was the beginning of the genocide that killed 6 million Jews.

Francis did not celebrate “Jewish rites” in the Cathedral. He did have a Kristallnacht memorial service, which could not be more appropriate.

If you have been listening to anti-semites, flee from them! They are of the devil.

With all respect towards those who are ignorant of the historical facts the contention that “It was the beginning of the genocide that killed 6 million Jews” has not been proven yet. There is a colossal claim about the 6 million Jews killed but to date no forensic evidence and no evidence of the criminal trial standard has been ever provided. If someone knows of any evidence that would survive criminal forensics investigation, please enlighten me. There has been only one, one !, attempt at a scientific investigation of the chemical wall deposits at the alleged Auschwitz gas chamber and the leader of the investigative team, Germar Rudolf, was arrested and jailed in Germany for his insolence of trying to find out truth. It is a criminal offence in Europe to scientifically investigate the claims about the ‘six million Jews’. The Jewish narrative of history, their version of history has become the holy book of the religion of the New World Order. Those who can think for themselves and ask for the proofs are treated as criminal heretics.

Kill one Jew because of their religion as the chosen people of God and you become what you are. You don’t need a body count to make you the man you are. Just look at the film shown at the trial at Nuremberg. You will have us count the bodies frame by frame?
The Pope was showing solidarity with our Jewish brothers. He represented the whole Catholic Church in that respect and remembrance. Let him, in your eyes, remember just the one Jew, we will remember the rest. So will God.

To win them over to the Lord ? Why did Jesus eat with the sinners ?

A neighboring parish [noted for occsional liturgical variations] allowed the Jewish community to use their church for their High Holy Days services, since their facilities were too small for their numbers. I presume the Blessed Sacrament was removed on these occasions, and they had diocesan approval. However, a little old lady unaware of what was going on wandered in. She was heard to mutter on her way out: “That was weird even for this parish.” :smiley:


Isn’t that something; a politically correct censorship on this Catholic website and forum. I experienced this kind of heavy boot of censorship squashing any act of free speech that went against the dictatorship of lies when I was growing up in a communist country. All I wrote in my reply to “Vico” was that the contention that 6 million Jews were ‘holocausted’ during the Second World War is unproven and that no forensic criminal investigation into this event has ever taken place, and further I wrote that the only scientific chemical analysis of the gas residues on the walls of the alleged gas chamber at Auschwitz was stopped in its tracks by the German government and the leader of the scientific team whose name is Germar Rudolf was jailed in Germany for his efforts to find out if the Holocaust story fits the facts of the forensic science. To the individual who erased my comment, look in a mirror and ask yourself - “What am I doing” ? [John 7:13 ‘Yet no man spoke openly of him, for fear of the Jews.’ - It is utterly depressing that 2000 years after these words were written the Church members still fear the Jews, no progress in courage has been made, we still have to fear and obey those who serve the Father of Lies.]
If asking questions and asking for proofs relating to contentious claims is deemed dangerous then you do not deserve the freedoms and you are not free but enslaved.
On the Jewish origins of the Political Correctness please click these links ;
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