Edited Simple English Wikipedia Page


Some hectic newage protestantism going on here ah? Would anyone have any idea on how to report this sort of thing?

You don’t report it; you simply edit it with the “change” button to the right.

That is exactly why Wikipedia is not accepted as a source for any research!

What exactly do you have a problem with in that article? Wikipedia is based on a Neutral Point of View, which means that the encyclopedia cannot adopt or endorse as correct the views of any one group. It means that all significant viewpoints must be represented with due weight. Therefore, writing about Catholicism, the Roman Catholic point of view can be presented in the majority of the article, but not to the detriment or exclusion of other viewpoints.

You are allowed to delete any information or conclusions that that are unreferenced. The conclusion that “Both the religious denominations were made by Man not by Jesus(God)…” for instance, is not substantiated with a reference from from a reliable source (in fact not substantiated with any reference at all!).

As such you may delete the offending statement in accordance with Wikipedia policy. It would be helpful to also write an explanation on the “talk” page so that your changes are not automatically reverted, and you could place an “{{unrefenced}}” and {{non-neutral}} template on the top of the page to alert other advanced users to the problems on the page.

Ah I see. It seems the same page is edited quite a lot. I’ve changed it back to the way it was now. I feel like an internet hero.

The whole thing sounds like it was written by a 12 yr old. It’s horrendous!

I’d suggest someone fix that but since it could be re-edited, I don’t know that there’s a point.

Yea exactly, but then again that’s more or less the way simple English wiki works. Just a very dumbed down version of the original wiki page. Comes in quite handy for electronic principles and whathaveyou, though.

This article did seem pretty weak. Its supposed to use simple vocabulary and grammar not “dumb-downed” ideas. It’s meant for people in foreign countries learning English who might get lost in the complex (and sometimes horrendously written) syntax of the main English Wikipedia.

Why on the world is Wiki the first reference we get in most search engines?

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