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Hey guys,

I have been talking with a guy who used to be Catholic but apparently fell away. He say’s was shown the truth by this website (Not the website in question. so removed)
Has anybody heard of this? Just wondering.

I think they frown upon posting to “anti-catholic” sites if that’s what that is.

But is there a particular argument there you have questions about? There are some knowledgeable people here I’m sure can mince any such argument. :o

Well he’s basically dogging the Catholic Church and the so called “man-made traditions” and his most recent one is the Inquisition and I have been trying to make him understand through scripture. So he goes on to say that he used to be Catholic and by going to this website his eyes were “opened”. I need to have some kind of background before I go and dispute the errancies behind his attacks. But I am not doing this in an aggresive manner. I am trying to show him through love and kindness. But I don’t want to make any more comments until I know about this website. I suppose I could go in and investigate. But I just wanted to know if anyone here has any kind of info of this site.

Actually its called the (Not the website in question. so removed) and its run by a guy named Dave Hunt. That is as far as I got. But even James White himself doesn’t like what he says…if THIS guy doesnt find what Hunt says in his book “What is this Love?” then there’s something definitely wrong.

The website your referring to is actually bereanbeacon.org. It’s not Dave Hunt’s berean call. Berean Beacon is the website of a supposedly former Catholic priest by the name of Richard Bennett. He also has some videos on you tube. He’s very anti- catholic.

Wow,…former priest huh? Wonder why he fell away then?

Man, This guy really doesn’t like the Catholic Church…I went in further to his website and found apologist and there I found several titles. One called “The Damnation of Scott Hahn.” Just seeing how harsh that title was really disturbed me. I mean, how can one who claims to be a follower of Christ, condemn another? This is clearly not Christ’s teachings. It gave me ugly chills inside…:frowning:

Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the link. I think they may have let their web site lapse. It is just a bunch of ads for companies related to catholicism, including the Catholic League. :smiley: If it was an anti-Catholic site, it seems to have expired. :thumbsup:

It’s actually bereanbeacon.org

Just stay away from it…it’s like going into a dark, and dreary place with no light in it. I’m pretty appalled by it.

Actually (once I went to the right link), I found it quite amusing.

Who can read a statement that the Manhattan Declaration, which addresses protecting life and marriage, is a plot to create a Catholic society without a good laugh. Or the theory that once Catholics are born again (Baptized?) they soon leave the Church. :smiley:

The whole thing looks like a student project that required building a web site without regard to content.

Sometimes when a person spits that much poison at Christ in the name of Christ, it might be best to not cast pearls before swine. As St. Ambrose once said:To avoid dissensions we should be ever on our guard, more especially with those who drive us to argue with them, with those who vex and irritate us, and who say things likely to excite us to anger. When we find ourselves in company with quarrelsome, eccentric individuals, people who openly and unblushingly say the most shocking things, difficult to put up with, we should take refuge in silence, and the wisest plan is not to reply to people whose behavior is so preposterous. Those who insult us and treat us contumeliously are anxious for a spiteful and sarcastic reply: the silence we then affect disheartens them, and they cannot avoid showing their vexation; they do all they can to provoke us and to elicit a reply, but the best way to baffle them is to say nothing, refuse to argue with them, and to leave them to chew the cud of their hasty anger.:o

I knew an Irish priest knew this guy before he fell away. He suggested to me that theological convictions were not his primary motive.

If you study this guys history he came into contact with Protestant missionaries. .

His testimony below is full of holes that any knowledgeable catholic can see and unless this guy was particularly poorly trained - which isn’t impossible - he is being deliberately misleading.


And if you read between the lines

"One day, a woman challenged me (the only Christian ever to challenge me in all my 22
years as a priest).

“In 1982 I left Trinidad”

“In 1988 we left Atlanta to go as Missonaries…”

He is a married man now.

My priest friend referred to him “Poor Richard” .

As much as he was bragging about his education, it seems he wasn’t paying much attention in class.

This idea of gaining salvation through suffering and prayer is also the basic message of Fatima and Lourdes, and I sought to win my own salvation as well as the salvation of others by such suffering and prayer.

I stopped saying the Breviary (the Roman Catholic Church’s official prayer for clergy) and the Rosary and began to pray using parts of the Bible itself.

He never noticed that the Breviary IS using parts of the Bible itself?

I really enjoyed being looked up to by the people and, in a certain sense, being idolized by them.

He points out some of his other sins but never seems to recognize the sin of pride. :confused:

I’ve read quite a bit of Richard Bennett’s stuff. It’s a sad story. He struggled with alcoholism. He struggled with doubts. He struggled with authority. I’m not a mental health professional but I would say he also suffered from depression. In my opinion he was not called to be a priest, but just sort of stumbled into it. Then it appears that his training was lacking in a lot of things. Not someone who is very convincing, but I suppose someone who has a lot of the problems he has had could identify with him.

Just to be clear James White and Dave Hunt disagreements are along the arminian/calvin lines of dispute. I doubt that the views they hold on the RCC are really much different except likely in regards to the woman and the beast of end times.

James White is all mad because his sister converted to the Catholic faith. Dave Hunt doesn’t know what he’s talking about as the following articles show.

*]Hunting the Whore of Babylon
*]The Whore of Babylon
*]The Fathers Know Best
*]How Pius XII Protected Jews

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Thanks and http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h244/corona_stellarum/Smilies/sign0011.gif

From archive.catholic.com/thisrock/1998/9807chap.asp

Yes, it’s true. There was an “Inquisition” recorded in the Bible. In Deuteronomy 17, we read: “If there is found among you . . . a man or woman who . . . has gone and served other gods and worshiped them, or the sun or the moon or any of the host of heaven, . . . then you shall inquire diligently, and if it is true and certain that such an abominable thing has been done in Israel, then you shall bring forth to your gates that man or woman who has done this evil thing, and you shall stone that man or woman to death with stones” (Deut. 17:2–5).

“used to be Catholic” is the 2nd biggest religion. :sad_yes:

Is this the same Bennett who used to be a priest? Pray for his soul

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