Edited Title: What to make of this? Bailing From the Faith


I have recently encountered the following two situations:

  1. while visiting friends after the birth of their second child, the discussion led to the future Baptism and choice of Godparents for said child. My friends shocked me when they said they weren’t sure if they were going to go that traditional route as they didn’t necessarily agree with everthing in the faith anymore.

  2. while conversing with a co-worker, she mentioned that she was raised Catholic, but because her church refused marrying her and her husband (of a different faith) she just switched faiths (Methodist, I believe).

How does one so easily “switch off” their faith and beliefs even if, as I am assuming here, it wasn’t that strong to begin with? How is it so easy to give up? It is almost as if they want an “a la carte” faith so they can pick and choose what beliefs suit them.
I just listened and nodded…should I have responded in a different way? I don’t think the timing was right to start some heated discussion.

The same thing happened with my sister. She left the Catholic Church for the United Church of Canada (a large ultra-liberal protestant sect up here, although I doubt she is anymore active in the United Church then she ever was in the Catholic Church). I asked her about her decision to change and she responded saying that the United Church just suited her beliefs better then Catholicism.

It used to be that people thought in such a way as to say “I believe XYZ because the Church teaches XYZ”. Today it is “I believe XYZ because it suits me” (or, more likely, it suits modern society which pressures you to conform). Such an approach to faith is highly damaging, so it is not surprising that many don’t think twice before leaving the Church for something more “modern”. I have known people who attend a certain church just to be seen or because they have friends there- faith is no longer taken seriously.

Long gone are the days when the teaching authority of the Church was unquestioned and when if the Pope said “jump” every Catholic man, woman and child would ask “how high and when can I come down?”. Today if you profess to believe something merely because the Church tells you to, society brands you as ignorant.

**2) while conversing with a co-worker, she mentioned that she was raised Catholic, but because her church refused marrying her and her husband (of a different faith) she just switched faiths (Methodist, I believe).

There’s something here she is not telling you, as marriages between Catholics and Methodists (or other non-Catholics) happen all the time.

It is The Atomic Church of Me in action.

When one searches not for what is true, but for what suits them, they engage in self-idolatry.

Is there any greater blasphemy than self-worship?

Usually, when one converts, it is because they feel they are moving toward greater truth.

I cannot know the minds or hearts of the people you encountered, but it is possible that was their motivation. The best way to find out is to engage them in an honest discussion, not to speculate, or to ask others, who are not in their situation, why those people left.

that sort of thing often results in a lot of head shaking, speculation and back patting, but not necessarily in truth.

Asking the people who leave, why others stay is often similarly a situation that results in “false witness”. People tend to use such discussions to justify their own position rather than to gain understanding about someone else’s.

The scourge of our time - Narcissism. :frowning:

This pervasive trend in society has been aided and abetted by squishy catechesis combined with permissive parenting during the last 40 years. I was a victim of it, and so were you.

Time to wake up folks. You would never let your kids get away with not doing their math or science. Take it in hand to teach your kids the Faith of our Fathers in no uncertain terms, and never forget you are the parent and they are the child until they reach an age when they are on their own. After that, it’s up to them. “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

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From the title "What to make of this? Bailing From the Faith"
and your profile that you, too, were once Catholic, I thought it was applicable.


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