Edith stein quote


I have seen this quote a few times but as of yet have not been able to find a primary source. I would really like to know where it came from. Anyone know?

“If up to now, a person has been more or less contented with himself, the time for that is over. He will do what he can to change the unpleasant things he finds in himself, but he will discover quite a bit that can’t be called beautiful and yet will be nearly impossible to change. As a result he will slowly become small and humble, increasingly patient and tolerant towards the speck in his brother’s eye, now that he has had so much trouble with the beam in his own. Eventually, he’ll be able to look at himself in the unblinking light of the Divine Presence and learn to entrust himself to the power of the Divine Mercy.”

Sometimes the wording differs, due to it being a translation, but if anyone knows of the source, let me know!



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