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Hi! I am a senior at a Catholic college in Buffalo, NY. I am writing a paper on the life and writings of Edith Stein but I am having a difficult time finding information. :hmmm: I was wondering if anyone knew of an excellent website or book I could use as one of my resources. Thanks so much for any help you can give! Kara :dancing:


The Institute for Carmelite Studies, 2131 Lincoln Rd NE Washington DC 20002-1199 there is a website and ICS Publications distributes works of carmelites in this country


Was she the nun that died in the prison camp in Germany?


A good, concise book is Edith Stein - St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross by Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda (available at Amazon and elsewhere).



[quote=jimmy]Was she the nun that died in the prison camp in Germany?

Yes, that is Edith Stein. Amazing story.


Yes, she was Jewish and a very educated women. She became Catholic and was caught I the Nethelands I think and taken to concentraion came where she died.

There are many books on Edith Stein. We have a few checked out of the library acutally. Our 5-week old was named after Edith Stein (Teresa Benedicta of the Cross).

I’ll see if any are particulary recommended.

Good Luck! I say you picked a wonderful saint!


[quote=thann]Yes, that is Edith Stein. Amazing story.

Thats what I thought.

This is a little off topic, but I was trying to think of the name of a nun who wrote a book about Teresa of Lisieux I think. Her name reminds me of the feminist movement because I think her last name is the same as a famous feminist. I can not think of her name. Can someone help?


The reason why I brought up that last question is because I was reading about Edith Stien and this lady a couple weeks ago and I just can’t recall her name.

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