Editing a Won Buddhist Magazine

I am a student studying Korean at Wonkwang University in Iksan Korea, a Won Buddhist institution. I was recently asked to edit (by edit, I mean just checking grammar and spelling, format, and offering general criticisms) an issue of a new Won Buddhist magazine in English by a professor. I agreed, but when I began editing, I realized that it was a kind of missionary enterprise. Though I said I would be willing to help with articles that are academic in nature, focus on Christianity, or are about religious dialogue, as a Catholic, I felt I shouldn’t help edit a magazine which I believed to be meant for missionary efforts.

However, I’m wondering if I did the right thing. I was able to challenge some misunderstandings of Christianity in the magazine, and so a Christian editor could be a good thing. Should I continue to refuse to do any more editings of this magazine?

Secondly, should I just outright refuse to work on the magazine at all, or could I edit articles in that magazine which aren’t directly related to conversion?

Thanks for any help!

GKB Protacias,

Hello to you in Korea. I spent 23 months there in 1950 to 1952, at Tague ( Taa-Goo) & Kunsan. I am happy to hear you have a University there now.

GKB, you did not tell us why you feel like you have the problem. You say the University is Buddhist, and the paper you are editing is Christian. But are you Christian, are you Catholic? Why do you hesitate?

  1. Do you expect reprisals by the University if you work on a Christian paper?
  2. Do you feel inadequate to express Christian ideas?
  3. Are you Catholic and you did insert Catholic ideas into a Protestant paper?

Thank You for the questions. God Bless you.

If I were you, I would welcome the chance to work on a magazine like that. You could prevent them from mis-representing Christianity (as non-Christian publications tend to do). That is a great service to the cause of truth.
God bless you,

Thanks for the responses! To clarify, I am a Catholic and the magazine is a Buddhist magazine. It had some articles that discussed the history of Christianity and Christian doctrines. These articles did not seem quite accurate to me. I do not fear any reprisals from the university, the people here are quite nice. However, I am worried about causing scandal as well as possible leading people away from Christ. Today I spoke to a woman who was raised Christian but who was thinking about becoming a Buddhist, and I don’t want to accidentally contribue to that. However, an excellent point was raised that by trying to correct misunderstandings would be a service to the truth. Thanks!
Peace in Christ,
Frank Rausch

Frank, From your posts it seems that you are a modest but talented man. It may be that you are too modest and do not trust your own abilities. God put you where you are for a reason. Ask God when you have a question. Read John 14:1 - 14. Reread verse 14. Be truthful and strong.

Thanks for the verses Exporter and the encouragement! I need some time to think and pray, but I feel much better about things! Thanks again to all who replied!
peace in Christ,
Frank Rausch

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