Editions of Douay-Rheims Bible


Am I right that there are three kinds of D-R Bibles:

Original D-R which has recently been re-typed and being sold again:

Challoner revision commonly sold as D-R on Amazon etc:

Confraternity D-R of various years (someone posted the years and
books revised–thanks!) abandoned before all parts were revised but
much loved and sought after used (approx dates 1940’s to late '60s)

I often see D-R used from the 1912 to 1917 range, which kind are those likely
to be?

If I buy a digital copy which is it likely to be?


I believe if it is in the form of an app from iTunes or the Android market that it would be the Chanoller revision. I’d go with either the Verbum app or Laudate (both are free, at least on iTunes). If you split-screen the Verbum app and also load the Haydock commentary on the bottom, you get a poor man’s Haydock Bible. If it’s an e-book, you’d have to check out the sample pages and compare it with an online Douay like at Veritas Bible.

I’m not aware of any digital copy of the Confraternity NT online. It would be really cool if there was.

Also, on the aforementioned ‘original Douay-Rheims’ on Amazon, I remember reading somewhere this one is being put out by a Protestant group and doesn’t include all the Catholic books. I don’t recall where I read that, so take this info with a grain of salt. There is a site out there that has the non-Chanoller DR online, but I don’t know the address.


Thanks Eric! Your comments on the Confraternity edition were very helpful also.

This site seems to have the complete D-R, in five! volumes and cd or download.
It is a facsimile, which would be great to peruse, but difficult to study?

This site has a download edition, tainted IMO by his harsh “onlism” stance (the website
not the Bible), of the complete D-R.

But–for a student of Catholic doctrine, or someone just trying to faithfully study
the Holy Scriptures, are the Challoner and Confraternity editions
going to lead one astray?

I have a 1948 edition of the Confraternity D-R and love the elegance, clarity and
richness of the language. I have been using it for devotional reading.


I would go ahead and use it. The Chanoller is available from several Catholic publishers. The Confraternity NT is available from Sceptre. Both I feel are very reliable, and I haven’t heard anyone complain of problematic footnotes. Only complaint I’ve heard is the older style of English is more difficult to understand.

It sounds like your edition speaks to you, so keep using it.



That looks interesting. It is odd that they left out the Deuterocanonical books though.

archive.org has a scan of an original Douay-Rheims edition: archive.org/details/DouayRheimsBibleOriginal


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