Editions of Missals


I was wondering what Weekday and Sunday Missals are good examples of revisions or editions which are currently used in the OF and EF forms of the Mass, also bonus points for anyone whom may know where to get copies of such.

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Amazon would have them

I have a copy of every missal from 1962 until now (each missal has a revision made)

I got them by luck…my school was giving a way six paper boxes of catholic literature and I snagged…erm…all 6 boxes :smiley: they happened to be in there. So see if you can get them online or sometimes Goodwill or other book stores may haven them.


Ordinary Form in English and Latin


(daily as in “every day”)


Here is a Latin-English 1962 Missal that our parish uses. It’s the St. Edmund Campion Missal, and is filled with beautiful art and pictures of the Holy Mass. Best of all, it’s not all that expensive compared to some of the other missals out there.


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