Editor needed for Catholic section of major web directory DMOZ.org

Anyone want to edit the Catholic section of a major internet web directory?

DMOZ.org is one of those old-school sites from the early days of the internet.
At first sight you'd think it's not very useful and abandoned.

You'd be wrong. It is mirrored by sites like Ask.com, AOL and Google so its
influence is significant. Search Engine Optimizers know this and spam it like crazy.

Because of this, it takes forever to get a link approved in the
best of cases. Right now it looks like the specialist editor of the Catholic
section and its subsections has stopped working on it.

The application process to become a volunteer editor looks pretty easy, and
getting new web links up would do more good than, say, engaging in another flame
war. :)

With a good editor, the Catholic section could boost the search engine profile of all the best Catholic sites on the internet, new and old.

I'd volunteer myself but I'm too involved in some sites to be an objective

The volunteer page is here:

The Catholic category is here:

I bet an editor could do the work on a laptop while watching a sports game or a TV show. It's not very thought-intensive.

Please consider volunteering! You'll help the internet!

Wow... DMOZ. :o

Boy that takes me back in time. It was a noble project in its day, in the years before Google swallowed the Internet. I used to be an editor, but I am unqualified for this section, so I can't volunteer.

I'm glad to know that it is still useful. But, just poking around, tt looks as if much of it could benefit from some TLC.

Visiting older sections of the internet takes me back, too. You didn’t need a graphic artist to make a popular web page back then.

I was surprised to learn how DMOZ is still the backbone for a lot of site directories. It still ranks in the top 1,000 sites, according to Alexa.com.

I wonder how many old sites are still influential?

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