EDITORIAL: Getting rid of gun control

EDITORIAL: Getting rid of gun control
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Virginia finally is poised to repeal its unusual law that prohibits law-abiding citizens from buying more than one gun per month. It’s about time, because the red tape has not had the desired effect in lowering crime. There is no academic research by criminologists or economists that shows that one-gun-a-month regulations reduce crime in either the states that pass them or their neighbors. The laws have merely inconvenienced honest Americans who want to buy guns…

There should be no gun-retail sales in the United States. Only deployed military personnel should have access, and of course these firearms would be closely accounted for.

Make it a challenge and hunt with a bow eh:p

Yeah when the crooks pull out that Glock we can do a William Tell with our crossbows.:smiley:

Man those evil Americans and their gun culture. :eek:

While Bow hunting can be fun, as can bow fishing btw, the idea of no retail gun sales and only having guns available to deployed military personnel is unconstitutional.

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