Editorial in Boston Globe


There’s an editorial in the Boston Globe entitled “Why Don’t Women Have A Role In the Catholic Church.” It’s related to the abuse.

It will upset a great many people who read it.

As for me, I agree with it 100%. The writer is right.


The second sentence is wrong. One man got together by himself and decided what people (men and women) need. His name was Jesus, I get the feeling this author isn’t very aware of him.

I don’t think I need to read the rest.


Then you shouldn’t.


We only “know” Jesus picked only men because that’s what men told us happened.


It’s a pathetic collection of ad hominim attacks. I really don’t think it’s appropriate to use the abuse of children to push your agenda. Women’s ordination has nothing to do with it.

This person is a formal heretic. Why doesn’t the church do anything about these people who are Catholics and espouse heresies?


The Modernist heresy is shot all through the Church these days…


I guess I expected as much.

Call me a heretic, too. Whatevs. :roll_eyes:


If you don’t like it that’s fine, but the door to woman’s ordination is completely closed. You are guilty of the sin of heresy if you publically disagree. It’s really that simple.

And no priests aren’t our leaders that saints are. We are to model our lives after them. There are mounds of female saints I admire.




Lots of butter on mine please, @Tis_Bearself. :slight_smile:


The editorial was a waste of time. Here is a woman with an agenda we’ve heard before over and over. Women priests isn’t going to happen no matter what she and others of like mind want. If only women had the “power” things would be so much better. sigh…



Women occupy many positions of power and influence in the Church, and to a certain extent, always have. Look at powerful abbesses like St Hildegard whose wisdom was sought by bishops and princes. Or St Catherine of Sienna who rebuked the pope. More recently, Mother Angelica, a great evangelist with probably far more “soft” power and wider influence than most bishops. At the parish level, at least in my North American experience, women dominate on committees and hold most lay staff positions. Women often hold executive positions at the diocesan level, such as the COO of the massive Archdiocese of Chicago.

That all being said, Pope Francis has talked about increasing the role of women in Church leadership. The author ignores that fact.


Mary is the Queen of the Church and holds far more power than any Pope.

I’d print out a copy of this article to line the puppy’s cage, but it would not be worth the ink.


Of course you expected as much. That’s why you started the topic.


Yes, it is an embarrassment, and one I’m sure we’ll be answering for for a long time. However, that isn’t a reason to say “yes” to allowing sexual relations between two men or two women. It is a reason to start saying “no” to priests who abuse their power.

There are ongoing talks about ordaining women as deacons, though.

(Edit: @Kaliaa showed that I wasn’t really correct on this point.)

If you willfully, publicly, and unrepentantly act against the Church, especially in a way that risks leading her flock astray, then you’re liable for excommunication, which is fundamentally a call to repentance if you want to participate in the life of the Church again. This has absolutely nothing to do with saying that women trying to be ordained is as grave as a man raping a young boy.

Except that women do participate in both of the latter acts. Women are also consulted on theological matters, such as the aforementioned ordination of female deacons, can deal with canon law, and can have leadership roles within the parish.


There are a lot of stories about female teachers having sex with their students, so saying that female priests wouldn’t abuse their power in this way absolutely ridiculous.


The Brothers’ Grimm tale of the fisherman and his wife should be required reading for the woman who wrote the article.


The ongoing talk isn’t about ordaining women as deacons. It’s exploring the history of women in the early church and their role as deaconesses (not ordained as men were) who apparently helped with baptism of women.


You only know about the Eucharist because men told you.

You only know that most medicines work because male scientists told you.

You only know that your airplane is going to fly because male scientists likely designed it, built it, repaired it, and fly it.


You kind of denied the validity of Scripture which is a fundamental part of Christianity.

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