Educated Catholics have sown dissent and confusion in the Church

If you are Catholic do you agree with this?

You can read the article here--

I am not Catholic, but two points spring to mind:

John Paul II was educated that the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and Benedict XVI studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.


The real problem is not with education. The problem is with people leaving what is true for what is false. You can be illiterate and do that.

Many people, once “educated” decide that they have no need for faith, or that what the faith says is wrong.

What is of the Spirit is Spirit, what is of the flesh is flesh;
Education and attempts at ecumenical efforts by Catholics leads to a watered down Christianity. The Catholic church has many Saints, Martyrs and heroes of Christianity that live, and walked the earth even in worse times of distress.

There is a difference between Education and faith. Education can lead one to be self god, and lose the faith in the “ONE TRUE GOD”. What I love about my Roman Catholic faith, is that from its diverse “Universality” Mother church has all breeds of children good and bad, thank God for the ministry of reconciliation Jesus gave us. The article is being a loving parent and giving warning and love to her children who have displayed a public action by acting out of Character as a Catholic in the body of Jesus Christ.

It is Mother church telling her children straighten up, by exposing what she sees in her children misbehaving. Now what loving parent does not discipline her children.

I believe there is some truth to this, that there are Catholics out there, even on this forum who don’t know Catholicism if it were in front of them.

I would rephrase the thread to say that “Catholics who have University degrees can’t be presumed to have had a proper education or formation in the Faith.” As Fr. Corapi says, many have been “Educated out of spiritual warfare,” and have become “Theologically Moronic.”

I don’t see a solid correlation between being educated and dissenting Catholics.
What correlates more is the link between liberalism/relativism and wayward Catholics. And it does not come from ‘education’ per se but from loose media exposure and lousy religious formation. These people are the ones that are loud and go with politics.

There are alot of different takes on this; Those “educated” and are Catholics by name and not by practice are in positions of leadership and have publicly dissented from Catholic uncomprimising teaching’s. These so called “educated” Catholics or leaders in our communities including national level, are labeled dissenters from the faith, as you mentioned through Liberalism/relativism. I agree although in my opinion, these so called dissenters who have comprimised their Catholic belief’s due to a gain of Vote, Money, Power, have comprimised truth through false ecumenism efforts, or have joined the ranks of typical politicians not all mind you.

Samples of what a higher “education” can do to Christians who dont practice their Catholic faith.

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