Education Background

I went on a vocation retreat for a religious order and we visited the seminary that they send their Brothers if Priesthood is their second vocation.

I heard something about seminary being 6 years. Would this timetable be different with someone who only has a high school diploma and no college experience?

It would only add a year or two to the major seminary

Hey man – yeah, you need I think 36 credits of philosophy (and some other stuff) before you enter theological studies (which is like four years). I’m actually entering with a B.A., and it will be another 6 to 7 years for me, because I have to do all that philosophy before I get to the major seminary.

So, think four years of college (if you major in philosophy) and four years of major seminary. BUT: talk to the order. Every order is different, and it depends on the country and school too. You’ll never get accurate information from us on the internet; a quick phone call to the vocation director will give you just the right answer. :thumbsup:

Do you mind if I ask which order you visited? No pressure, just curious. :wink:

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