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I don't know how long a posting stays open, but the debate continues about how to educate your kids in a "Catholic" environment. I homeschooled for nine years and stopped because I had a child that needed structure. I placed them in one Catholic school and had an extraordinarily bad experience, so I moved to another. Last week, my children came home with information on a "service" project to raise money for Susan G. Komen Foundation. Appalling.

The question is valid - do good Catholic families stay and try to change the system or leave and create a pocket of purity. The problem is that they do grow up and have to leave the nest eventually, so preparing them to handle the various situations.

I have found a really great Catholic high school in my area that gave the Catholic environment that we were hoping for. A Kairos retreat brought them closer to their Catholic friends.

I guess I lean towards staying to fight.


You’d be surprised at what people don’t know… innocently.
Similar situation happened at our Catholic School last year - a teacher had been fighting breast cancer and was raising funds for her fundraiser walk. First a notice went out about the fundraiser, then within hours another email notice came out from the Principal, who said she was “informed that the fundraiser supported SGK” and felt this was not something appropriate for our Catholic School environment. She just simply didn’t KNOW about the connection. Does that make the school “bad”? Not in the least! It meant someone had to step up and inform her… and through that brave person, an entire school community was educated on the connection.

Stay… maybe God placed you there for a reason! :slight_smile:


Just to clarify for Americans, Catholic schools here in Canada are funded by the government, so there are no diocese schools and the Catholic schools are technically public schools

I’m only 19, so I won’t be a parent for a while. But, I would, without a doubt, send my kids to a secular public school. I want them to have those great experiences that only come once in a lifetime. I want them to have all the memorable experiences that define childhood.

And if high school for my kids is anything like what my high school life was, they are definitely going to public school :thumbsup:


The Catholic high school closest to the secular public high school I attended had a reputation for it’s cruel, mean-spirited students

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