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My son has a girlfriend who is not a Catholic but has been asking questions about why we do certain things. She is more hostile to the faith and not looking to convert, and my son has become indifferent toward the faith. Are there any more elementary type books out there that answer basic questions concerning the faith without pushing the conversion aspect?

Catholicism for Dummies


Alan Scheck’s 2004 book, Catholic and Christian: An Explanation of Commonly Misunderstood Catholic Beliefs, might be helpful.

For answers to specific questions, I’d look around the Catholic Answers website because it’s probably been asked before.

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Exactly. Excellent, easily read and digested catechetical information.

This one is a pretty easy read took me less than a week of evenings.

Haven’t read this one yet but heard it gets right at the heart of many objections

I’d also check out some of the talks on John Martignoni’s website. He answers questions mainly using scripture, which is most likely the only answers she will be willing to receive at first.

You could always present any questions she has here, we can point you in the right direction

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Very much point her to some of the articles at “Strange Notions”.

Trent Horn’s “Why We’re Catholic” is the first book I’d suggest (he also has some articles at SN)

I’ll reecho “Why We’re Catholic”, and mention Keating’s “What Catholics Really Believe”. The Keating book is very simply written, short and to the point, quickly covering ‘52 Answers to Common Misconceptions’, in case the young’uns aren’t much for lengthy books.

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