Education in Morality

Hi! I’m Alexs, a Religious Education student from the University of Santo Tomas. I would like to ask for your opinions regarding this matter. Are you in favor that all students should be educated about the issue of morality?

You mean, like, first graders and up?

Definitely. As a public high school teacher, I’m still shocked by the irresponsible liberalism endemic to teacher-culture (and I live in Texas, a very conservative state). The combined effect of over-population, PC, our self-destructive culture in America, and atheistic, leftist teachers in our public school system has a morally corrosive impact on our students. It’s scary.

As Catholics we learn that through our faith. If Catholics have no idea of morality then the Church and parents have really failed.

all human beings should be educated in the issue of morality. cannot understand why you would ask.

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