Edward Snowden attacks Russia over human rights and hacking


**Edward Snowden attacks Russia over human rights and hacking **
Robin McKie and Benjamin LeeSaturday 10 September 2016 15.58 EDT
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The US whistleblower Edward Snowden has attacked his Russian protectors by criticising the Kremlin’s human rights record and suggesting that its officials have been involved in hacks on US security networks.

NSA whistleblower says Moscow’s online monitoring of citizens is unnecessary, costly and corrosive of rights

His outburst came in an interview in the Financial Times with Alan Rusbridger, the former editor of the Guardian, which published the initial Snowden revelations. Snowden said Moscow had “gone very far, in ways that are completely unnecessary, costly and corrosive to individual and collective rights” in monitoring citizens online.

He described last month’s leak of top-secret National Security Agency espionage tools as an implicit threat to the US government, potentially by Russia…


This young fellow doesn’t know when to stop, and is gonna end up tied-up and delivered to our embassy for some quality time in our legal system.



Yeah, my initial impression was that he seems to be trying to get himself kick out of the Sovi . . . er . . . umm . . . Russian Federation.


He probably has a reason for doing this, maybe hes had an offer to ‘relocate’ to another country, one with better opportunities for himself?

I will say though, its a shame such an american patriot had to leave the country and hide, I believe eventually he will go down in the history books alongside the patriots of the american revolution, its just a shame our tyrannical Govt has ‘brainwashed’ so many fellow citizens to take their side on the matter. The founding fathers would be rolling in their graves. The constitution gave him every right to get this information to the public, the Govt was in the wrong and spying on its own people…and people blame the messenger upon hearing such a thing? LOL Geez!


What is the same old saying that is constantly repeated on CAF? We are not allowed to do evil so that good may come from it.

Likewise, we are not allowed to break the law so that good may come of it. Illegal actions have consequences. If Snowden truly believes that what he did was the right thing to do, then he should be willing to take the consequences instead of fleeing to foreign countries to escape justice.


Amen to that!


This is fairly simplistic thinking… devout Christians should break the law if it’s for something righteous that will improve the world. The whole “the rules are the rules” argument is what people say when they blindly defend the law without critical thinking.

Snowden is someone who changed the path of my life and is one of the few heroes/role models that have existed in the past 10 years. If anyone is doing the Lord’s work, it’s Snowden.


I agree, Snowden will eventually go down in history as a true american patriot.

However it only goes to show how brainwashed many people are today, those that take the Govts side on this and just about everything else, they are too blinded to see what is really going on. Its people like this that would have taken the king of Englands side in the american revolution, they would not have risked any kind of rebellion or breaking of laws.

They seem to not recognize a tyrannical Govt will not just come out and admit itself to be tyrannical, to ensure it remains in power, of course its going to twist the facts around to make it look better and to fool the people even more, its absolutely shocking so many americans would demonize the messenger instead of the real issue…what he disclosed?!


Hope he avoids being fed plutonium in his borscht one of these times. he might not.


Nope… they’ll just send a vodka truck over the curb one day when he’s out running.

I feel for the guy, it’s dangerous to run out into the cold. He may have done the right thing, but he won’t get any recognition for it in this life.



What is “simplistic” is thinking that one is free to do whatever they want simply because they think it just.

Pope Francis certainly didn’t have any qualms about letting go the butler who smuggled confidential notes and letters out of the Apostolic palace. Is his thinking “simplistic” because he took action against the man? Or should the man be heralded for “something righteous?”



Hasn’t he heard of don’t bite the hand that feeds you?


Snowden had the “Whistle Blower,” law here in the US to protect him when he exposed what he saw, without having to commit treason by selling out to the highest bidder.

He can stay and Russia and learn what their justice system is like.



he sold the information? I thought he just wanted it published. how much did he sell it for? I guess I missed that part in the movie.


OH, it’s alleged he gave secret intel to the Chinese, which is the primary reason the US want’s in extradited.

With the Whistle Blower protection laws in place, do you suppose he gave intel to Chinese for nothing other than to expose the US of wrong doing ? Even they told him to leave, which is how he ended up in Russia.


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