Effectiveness of NFP


How effective is NFP / What is the liklihood, say, over a year's time, that a couple will concieve?


A quick google search found these:




I can't vouch for how accurate they are but I did research NFP quite substantially and as far as I remember the effectiveness was 99% or so if the method was used correctly.


Assuming you take classes from a certified instructor, and are willing to use the most conservative rules, many methods can be rated at 99% effectiveness...
However, some methods may bring to light underlying medical issues, which may have to be dealt with before the method is completely useful.


My wife and I practice NFP. It is very effective, just as the above commenter mentioned. It also works for deciding to conceive if that is your purpose. The best thing to do is to go to your local diocese and find out where a certified class from them is being taught. There is usually a nominal fee, and a series of about five or six classes to take to fully understand it. But it works very well, and it fully conforms to our Catholic moral convictions.


My wife and I can attest that for us it has been perfectly effective in both postponing and achieving pregnancy throughout our marriage.

An added benefit for men is how much we learn about our wives physiology. Before NFP I had no idea how wondrously and beautifully complicated women are physically. I already knew how beautifully complicated women were mentally ;)

The Couple to Couple League has some excellent information and resources, including charts comparing relative effectiveness of different methods. I would highly recommend professional instruction as well.

With Immaculate Mary


Thanks all, I appreciate your responses.

It’s a pity that natural methods are dismissed as ineffective, simply because it’s passive BC and less convenient.

The Catholic Church certainly has a good point.


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