Efrem Zimbalist Jr., star of 'The FBI,' dead at 95




May he rest in peace. He was a must see for me when on 77 Sunset Strip and the FBI.
Great voice.:frowning:


He has also done some narration of audio Bibles.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr Audio Bible on CD - International Bibles
Efrem Zimbalist Jr Audio Bible on CD narrating the King James Version, KJV ( 1611) the most popular translation ever produced.


77 Sunset Strip, those who remember, I feel old now.

His daughter, Stephanie, was also on Remington Steele


One of the sub plots of that show was that she WAS Remington Steele. She hired Pearce Brosnan’s character to act as Remington Steele!:shrug:


What most people do not realize is that his father, Efrem Zimbalist was one of the great classical violinists of the early 20th century, and was on a par with Kreisler and Heifitz.
His mother, Alma Gluck was an operatic soprano who performed in almost all of the great European and American opera houses, and was one of the top ranked sopranos in the Golden Age of Opera in the early 20th Century. She was also one of the most prolific recording artists in the acoustic (pre 1925) recording period.


May he rest in peace.


The only work he has done in recent years were the above and doing voices for the Batman cartoons. He had quite a distinctive voice.
He was interviewed a few years ago and asked why he doesn’t act anymore. His answer was “They just don’t make the kind of movies anymore I want to be in.”
He did a guest spot on Remington Steel back in the 80s with his daughter.


That was a fun show! Sounds like the entire family is talented.


That’s a ripe old age. RIP Inspector.



May he rest in peace . Mostly I remember the Remington Steele series with his daughter.

And, thank you, George Stegmeir, for sharing the info. On his parents. Never knew that.


I always thought he brought a special dimension to “The FBI”. His easy-going style prevented the show from being just another Jack Webb-style crime show. He stood up to J. Edgar Hoover in the early days of the show because he refused to wear a hat. Hoover felt the image of FBI agents was inhanced somehow by out of style 1940s hats.
77 Sunset Strip was before my time, but I remember seeing it in re-runs. It was a light PI mystery series best known for the teen idol of the day, Edd Byrnes.


I remember him best from 77 Sunset Strip.May he rest in peace


I think he may have stuttered in ordinary life. If my long term memory serves me correctly, he was invited to compere or somehow be involved in a tennis championship in Brisbane, Queensland. This would have been at the old Milton based tennis facility, which was a primitive affair compared to the new complex at Tennyson.

Way back then the FBI show was a mainstay of local television over here (like a lot of other American shows even now, for better or worse).

He was being interviewed on a local TV news show, and I got a bit of a shock how much he stuttered.

I’m pretty sure it was Efrem Zimbalist Jr. I may be wrong but I remember being quite surprised at the stammer. I remember thinking he was a bit lost without a script to follow.

Then again maybe it was nervousness, being interviewed in a foreign country, and our own accent can be difficult for foreigners to understand.

Or maybe it was someone else. Either way, it came as a surprise.


I read a short bio and his famous father was jewish. I am not sure about his mother. But he was baptized and raised in the episcopal church. His faith was an integral part of his life.

I remember him from both 77 Sunset Strip and the FBI show.
As a young girl I had a crush on efrem zimbalist jr. and david janzen.
Also perry como.

Glad he had such a nice long life. He was one of my favorite actors.



Yes I was too tired to go into the whole bio. His father did not seem to be compelled to follow judaism.
I admire his parents though for seeing that he had
he was given a solid judeo christian foundation which he seemed to nurture throughout his adult life. It said he left the episcopal church for awhile and was involved with evangelical christianity but later returned to the episcopal faith.


I admit to having a crush on Stephanie when I was in high school! :blushing:


I barely remember her. Was remington steele the only thing she did in hollywood? I don’t remember her in any movies.


Efrem Zimbalist Jr. What a great name! I vaguely remember both shows. May he rest in God’s loving arms.


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