Egypt: 8 men who appeared in "homosexual wedding" video get 3 years in prison


CAIRO, Nov 1 (Aswat Masriya) – The Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanour Court sentenced on Saturday eight men to three years in prison on charges of inciting debauchery and violating public decency after appearing in a Youtube video depicting an alleged homosexual marriage ceremony.

The video, titled “Egypt’s first gay marriage”, has stirred controversy after going viral on social media late August. A group of young men were filmed celebrating what appeared to be a wedding proposal between two men on a Nile boat.

The prosecutor general had ordered the eight men to undergo examination by forensic experts. He urged their swift referral to criminal prosecution in order to “safeguard the values of society and implement justice.” The prosecution referred them to trial on September 22.

One of the defendants denied to the Saudi-owned satellite channel Rotana that the video depicted a “homosexual marriage.” He said in early September that he was celebrating his friend’s birthday in the video.


In Western countries, the same ones who are for so-called “same-sex marriage” don’t like to criticize Muslims. So I wonder whose side they will take on this. It’s a PC conundrum.


It’s a safe bet this thread as well as the broader discussion will be largely absent of commentary from those who insist that Christian bakers and florists provide services to so-called gay “marriages”.

If anything, they may come on here and start defending Islam based on what we’ve said. :yup:

However, to answer the wonderment, I would say that in most cases the cause of marriage “equality” will come to screeching halt before Islam, especially if we are talking about Muslim men not of Northern or Western European descent.

In the USA they won’t even bother to upset African-American Churches and businesses over the issue, partly because they need them to support liberal Democratic Party candidates, and even that takes precedence over the cause of so-called marriage “equality”.

Being a conservative, non-European Muslim male is pretty much the top rung on the Western progressive ladder of perpetual victimhood today.


It is ironically, to the ignorance of the West, the Church that defends undue discrimination against gays. For instance, the Nigerian bishops.


:thumbsup: Thanks for pointing this out.


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